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Election observation

​​International election observation was born as a tool for the impartial and independent evaluation of electoral processes. In recent years, it has accompanied numerous democratisation processes through different premises, such as reducing levels of fraud, mitigating conflicts, strengthening the confidence of the electorate in the electoral process, providing testimony, strengthening institutions or improving electoral processes through the elaboration of recommendations.

In order to provide a professional and objective assessment of the quality of the observed electoral process, Election Observation Missions (EOMs) conduct in-depth analyses of each case on the basis of the instruments of international law, good practice and national legislation.

These Missions are a platform of civil society organisations formed by the Core Team that has a Head of Mission, a Deputy Head of Mission and experts in different fields (electoral, legal, political, media, gender, amongst others.). They are responsible for preparing the Preliminary Report that includes the Mission’s conclusions and are deployed between eight and twelve weeks.

The main international organisations that carry out Election Observation Missions in which Spanish election observers participate are: European Union, OSCE, Organisation of American States (OAS) and the African Union. There are also NGOs that carry out international election observation work, such as the Carter Centre, the National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute.​


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