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Viana Palace

V​iana Palace is the official residence and representation of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, located next to Santa Cruz Palace – the headquarters of the ministerial department.


This occupies the oldest palace home of Beatriz Galindo – a lady-in-waiting of Isabella the Catholic Queen – and its construction dates back to the beginning of the 16th Century. Over the course of its history, it has had various owners, such as the Countess of Castellar, Ángel María de Saavedra and José de Saavedra y Salamanca, the 2nd Marquis of Viana, who made significant changes to the design of the palace compared with its original structure.

The current design responds to the works carried out in 1920 by the architect Valentín Roca, on the instructions of the then-owner Fausto de Saavedra y Collado, who extended the interior quarters and remodelled the interior patio. In 1939, the building became the official residence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs under a rental system until 1955, when it was finally acquired by the State from the Marquis of Viana. During the 1960s, the palace underwent a further reform to update the building which, together with the major refurbishment in 2008, shaped Viana Palace as we know it today.

Address of Viana Palace

C/ Duque de Rivas


Tel.: 91 379 67 51

Closest underground stations: Sol and Tirso de Molina