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Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches 2022 Viaja Seguro campaign for those Spaniards travelling overseas

July 6, 2022
The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation is launching its traditional Viaja Seguro [Travel Safe] campaign that, in 2022, focuses on the need to check travel advice before choosing a destination, add your name to the official register of travellers and take out travel insurance. 

The Viaja Seguro campaign is primarily an online campaign and is implemented via the social media profiles of the ministerial department and its entire network of embassies and consulates.

The Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, is directly involved in the campaign via a video in which he underlines the importance of “travelling safe and staying informed” following three years in which Spaniards have encountered restrictions on overseas travel.

In the video, José Manuel Albares encourages travellers to check the travel advice that is regularly updated by his ministerial department before they travel and, if necessary, to visit the Spanish consular offices that exist on all five continents, “which offer 24-hour support and services in response to any emergency that may arise while far from home”, underlined the Spanish minister.

This campaign seeks to raise awareness about a series of necessary guidelines before travelling overseas, as well as about the requirements that may still exist due to the current situation of heightened tension due to the pandemic. This travel advice includes all the useful information on health requirements (such as the need to present a vaccination card or PCR/antigen test certificate, quarantines, etc.), as well as relevant details about the necessary documentation you need to carry (passports and visas), security conditions, dangers and warnings.

Once overseas, every Spanish citizen is entitled to make use of the services offered by their corresponding consular office within the scope of its powers: an emergency telephone number available 24/7, emergency service for the issue of safe-passage documents and provisional passports, support for the victims of gender-based violence and consular protection in general.

The campaign also calls on travellers to be responsible, whom it reminds that every Spanish citizen is subject to the rules of the country they are in once abroad, which they must follow at all times. Spanish embassies and consulates can therefore only do so much within the realm of the law in overseas countries, although they will always offer as much protection and support as their powers allow.​



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