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Spanish embassies and consulates have attended to 249 new cases of violence against women in 2021

May 20, 2022
Spain’s consular offices abroad have attended to 249 new cases of violence against Spanish women in 2021. 77% of the cases correspond to cases of violence by the partner or former partner, 13% to violence of a sexual nature outside of the relationship of the couple, 7% to cases of family violence against the woman by someone who was not her partner or former partner and the remaining 3% to other cases of violence as defined in the Istanbul Convention, such as forced marriage.

16 Spanish women and 10 children were also repatriated in 2021.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (MAEC) continues its efforts to reinforce consular assistance provided to Spanish women who are victims abroad. Spanish women resident abroad who suffer violence and, as the case may be, their children, are a group which, due to their particular characteristics, are more vulnerable to situations of gender-based violence. In the same way as happens to women who migrate to Spain, ignorance of the reality of the country, potential language barriers and the lack of their own social or family network are circumstances that exacerbate the already difficult situation of these women beyond our borders.

As part of these efforts at improvement, the transfer of a loan of 500,000 euros from the Ministry of Equality to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was agreed, allocated to strengthen the assistance provided to Spanish women who are victims of violence abroad. Both ministerial departments fall under the inter-ministerial Action Protocol on Attention for Spanish Women who are Victims of Gender-based Violence Abroad of 2015.

Consular aid and assistance abroad

Furthermore, Order AUC/154/2022, of 21 February, will come into force on 7 June, regulating support for consular protection and assistance abroad, which includes a specific section given over to Spanish women who are victims of violence abroad. This new type of support will help identify and extend the resources allocated to this type of consular attention.

For more information on the support provided to victims of gender-based violence abroad: