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Murder of Cecilia Monzón

May 23, 2022
The Government of Spain strongly condemns the brutal murder of the Spanish lawyer and human rights advocate, Cecilia Monzón Pérez, on Saturday, 21 May in the municipality of San Pedro Cholula, in the state of Puebla. 

The Government of Spain wishes to convey its sincere condolences and solidarity to her family and friends.

The government recognises the bravery and commitment of Cecilia Monzón, who dedicated her work to legally defending and protecting women and victims of gender-based violence, and to denouncing social and political gender violence.

The Government of Spain calls for a commitment from the state of Puebla to open up an investigation to clarify the events and identify and punish those materially and intellectually responsible for this vile murder to ensure that they do not go unpunished.

The Government of Spain also calls for the competent Mexican authorities, at a federal and state level, to deploy all the efforts possible to effectively protect human rights advocates so that they may exercise their work without endangering their lives.​