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Future NATO membership of Finland and Sweden

May 17, 2022
The Government of Spain backs the decision by the Governments of Finland and Sweden to apply for membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, following an in-depth debate by their political and social forces and a serene and responsible evaluation of the situation of the security architecture in Europe following Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

The membership of Finland and Sweden – two consolidated democracies – would strengthen NATO – an alliance of democracies that share values and principles, the foundations of a rule-based international order.

The Government of Spain will promote, in close consultation with the parliamentary forces, a speedy ratification by Parliament of the membership instruments and will respond, with solidarity, to the security challenges during the period between the signing of their membership and ratification by the 30 allied States, while also taking into account the provisions of Article 42.7 of the Treaty of the European Union.​