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Conquistador Puzzle Trial translated

80 schools in New Zealand received copies

26 de mayo de 2017
Conquistador Puzzle Trail translated into Spanish and free copies sent to 80 Secondary Schools in New Zealand
 The Embassy of Spain in New Zealand and author Winston Cowie have collaborated and translated Cowie's book, Conquistador Puzzle Trail, into Spanish. Conquistador Puzzle Trail proposes that Spanish or Iberian navigators were the first Europeans to voyage to New Zealand, over 100 years pre Abel Tasman.
 The Spanish version is entitled "Nueva Zelanda, Un Puzzle Histórico: Tras la pista de los conquistadores españoles," which means: “New Zealand, a history puzzle: After the tracks of the Spanish Conquistadores”
  As part of the celebration of launching the Spanish version, the Embassy of Spain and Cowie have sent a free Spanish and English version, to more than 200 Secondary Schools in New Zealand.
 The Ambassador of Spain comments that “ this book focuses on the cultural relations between our two countries that despite being in the antipodes they might have shared a common history. It is really a food for thought not only for scholars but also for students in the schools of New Zealand”.
Author Winston Cowie, states "I am incredibly grateful to the Embassy of Spain, New Zealand for their ongoing collaboration and cooperation. To have Conquistador Puzzle Trail now translated into Spanish and distributed across Spain, and the English version now in most Secondary Schools in New Zealand is a proud moment. My hope is that students will read the book, and in time become teachers themselves, and perceptions changed in respect of the European discovery of New Zealand. What is needed is a robust public debate on the subject, in order to move knowledge forward. Everybody has a role to play."
 The Embassy of Spain and Cowie have also offered a free personal copy to the first 10 history teachers that volunteer to write their own objective review on Conquistador Puzzle Trail.
 The Embassy of Spain and Winston Cowie look forward to the ongoing discussion on the theory that the Spanish and other Iberians were the first Europeans to voyage to New Zealand.
 “Plus ultra,” ‘Beyond’, as the Conquistadors would say.

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