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The Ambassador

February 1, 2024

Ángeles Moreno Bau​

Greetings from the Ambassador of Spain to the United States

Thank you for visiting the website of the Embassy of Spain in the United States. Our purpose is to offer you a useful tool to learn more about the relations between our countries and to provide you with relevant information for any administrative procedures you may need.

The shared history of more than five hundred years between Spain and the United States has given rise to a community of democratic values that is the core of our relationship. Our joint commitment to democracy, the rule of law and a rules-based international order is especially necessary in a world that is facing so many challenges. 

Stemming from this foundation, we have built relations that cover a wide range of areas, as reflected in the Joint Declaration adopted by our presidents in June 2022 in Madrid. Spain is today the tenth largest investor in the U.S. and our companies employ more than seventy thousand workers in the country. Our alliance within NATO frames a close relationship in defense that reinforces collective security. Our exchanges include political affairs, economy and trade, defense, science and technology, education, environment, energy, sports, justice and home affairs, among others. 

I believe that people are the foundation of any solid bilateral relationship. For that reason, I would like to thank all those whose daily work builds bridges between Spain and the United States. Of course, the Spanish community, but also the countless networks and associations that promote exchanges between our two countries. I would also like to thank the thousands of U.S. students who choose Spain as one of the top destinations for their education, as well as the millions of American tourists who visit us every year. I would also like to express my affection and that of my compatriots for the millions of people who speak Spanish, a language that is moving decisively into the future.

Our embassy team is at your service, as well as our network of consulates general and honorary consulates, in addition to institutions such as the Spain-US Council Foundation, the chambers of commerce, or the Cervantes institutes. We are here to support you, to inform you, so we may work together to promote the interests, culture and values of Spain. 

Thank you very much.

Professional career

Ambassador Moreno was born in Madrid in 1968 and ​holds a Law Degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She ​joined the Spanish Foreign Service in 1994.​

Until her appointment, she was Secretary of State for Foreign and Global Affairs since 2021. Previously, she held positions in the Presidency of the Government as Director of the Cabinet of the Secretary General, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation as Undersecretary and Secretary of State for International Cooperation, in the Ministry of the Interior as Director General of International Relations and Foreign Affairs, and in the Ministry of Defense as Director of Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Defense.
In her career as a diplomat abroad, the Ambassador has been posted in Russia, Panama, Egypt, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.​