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Spain guarantees the first aid package from the World Bank to Ukraine with 100 million euros

​The World Bank has announced the first aid package to Ukraine amounting to 100 million euros, guaranteed by Spain, within the framework of the Health Enhancement and Lifesaving (HEAL) project.

December 21, 2022

Spain's financial support will enable the first of the three aid programs for Ukraine approved by the World Bank to be launched. The funds will go towards restoring and improving access to essential health services in Ukraine that have been impaired by Russia's invasion of the country, addressing new and urgent health needs and offering financial protection in this area as an emergency.

The project is initially approved with a loan of 100 million dollars that has been possible thanks to the support that the Government of Spain has offered for that amount, which thus leads the support to Ukraine within the framework of the programs launched by International Financial Institutions.

This contribution joins Spain's guarantees to the European Commission of 320.8 million euros to support the macro-financial aid programs launched by the European Commission during the second half of 2022, with which 6 billion euros has been granted to Ukraine in highly concessional loans.

This is the first of three projects that the World Bank is launching in response to the most urgent needs to repair and recover essential services damaged by Russia's war in Ukraine. Three areas - health, energy and transport - have been identified in collaboration with the Ukrainian government and in line with the Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment presented in September.

The World Bank hopes to continue seeking contributions in the form of additional guarantees and/or subsidies to cover the needs identified so far, which currently amount to 500 million dollars.




Original statement from La Moncloa (Spanish Presidency)