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Spain and Ukraine sign bilateral security agreement: “Defense, security, peace, and reconstruction are our priorities”.

The President renews Spain's commitment to Ukraine's security and defense with a 1 billion euro agreement for 2024 that will enable Ukraine to strengthen its capabilities.

May 28, 2024

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has received the President of Ukraine, Volodymir Zelensky, at the La Moncloa Complex to sign a bilateral political agreement on security and defense that also extends to areas such as humanitarian assistance, the reconstruction of the country and the search for a just and lasting peace based on international law.

The President of the Government stressed that we are “facing a crucial moment” in which it is “more necessary than ever” to redouble support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia's unjustified aggression. Therefore, Spain has reaffirmed its commitment through a political agreement, valid for 10 years, in different areas that project and reiterate Spain's support to Ukraine in the future.

Spain has been on the Ukrainian side since the beginning of the invasion in line with the rest of the allies, and has supported at the European level the military and humanitarian aid initiatives. The most prominent is the financial instrument of the Ukraine Facility recently approved in Brussels and involving an endowment of 50 billion euros, dedicated to providing firm and sustained support over time.
This unequivocal proof of support is now transferred to the bilateral level between Spain and Ukraine with an agreement of one billion euros for 2024 that will allow Ukraine to strengthen its capabilities, including anti-aircraft defense. In addition, 15 million euros are committed for recovery, through the World Bank, for Moldova and Ukraine; 1.5 million euros to the United Nations Development Program for humanitarian demining in Ukraine; and 1.5 million euros in material and means of transport to strengthen Ukraine's capabilities in the fight against crime and arms and human trafficking.

The agreement also includes areas of cooperation in intelligence, training, demining, reconstruction, and humanitarian assistance. This agreement extends and gives continuity to the efforts made by Spain since the beginning of the Russian aggression, such as the reception of Ukrainian refugees, the training of Ukrainian troops on Spanish soil and collaboration in the search for an end to the conflict and a just and lasting peace based on international law.

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In this regard, the President of the Government reaffirmed his commitment to President Zelensky's Peace Formula on the eve of the Peace Summit to be held in Switzerland in mid-June. President Sánchez stressed that peace can only be achieved by respecting international law, the United Nations Charter, and the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty of states. Spain fully supports the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Ukraine within the limits of its internationally recognized borders since 1991.

The President will continue to appeal to the international community to encourage other countries to actively support Ukraine and to participate in the implementation of its peace formula and, in particular, in the inaugural peace summit.

The reconstruction of the country is an aspect of great importance to which Spain is truly committed. It will support Ukraine's reconstruction in line with the principle of “building back better” and pursuing the specific objective of reducing the country's energy dependence and vulnerability and boosting its green transition, for which it will participate in development projects focused on energy efficiency and resilience and, in particular, on the adoption of measures for decarbonization. For this reason, President Sánchez has confirmed that Spain will also participate in the Summit on the Reconstruction of Ukraine that will take place in Berlin at the beginning of June.

This broad agreement also includes Spain's commitment to collaborate with Ukraine in its progress towards fulfilling the conditions of the EU accession process, from a merit-based approach, as well as in its aspirations to join NATO.

The President of the Government reiterated that Ukraine can count on Spain in its struggle for peace and in the defense of all the values and principles that unite us, and that the Ukrainian attitude is “an inspiring example” for all those who believe in democracy and equality between States.