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Spanish Minister of Defense meets the Ukrainian Army colonel who is coordinating the training of Ukrainian soldiers in Spain

​The Minister for Defense, Margarita Robles, met Colonel Yulia Tapaciok, Head of Bilateral Relations for the European Region of the Ukrainian Joint Chiefs of Staff.

November 7, 2022

The colonel heads the Ukrainian advance detachment that has travelled to Spain to coordinate training activities for the Ukrainian Army by the Spanish Armed Forces.

Both reviewed the deliveries of armaments, ammunition and materials recently made by the Ministry of Defense and assessed the initial training on the Aspide anti-aircraft system recently completed in Zaragoza.

Minister Robles assured her that "you can count on Spain. We are committed to Ukraine", and stressed that "they are not only defending their territory, they are defending more things, such as international legality".

"We have received many Ukrainian citizens, not only citizens, but also military personnel who have come to Zaragoza. We are now sending different types of material. We feel very proud to be able to help you".

The minister also assured that "the Spanish Armed Forces are very well prepared and will help you in all this training. I am sure that they will now be very well received in Toledo, as they were in Zaragoza".

For her part, the Ukrainian colonel highlighted the magnificent welcome of the people and the Spanish Armed Forces to both the personnel being trained and the wounded soldiers being treated in Spain, assuring that the knowledge that their soldiers are being well received has a very positive effect on the combat morale of the Ukrainian forces and their families.

"Thank you very much for all the help, for the resources for civilians and for the military," said Colonel Tapaciok, who explained that although Ukraine is currently suffering from a lack of electricity, water and internet connection due to Russian attacks on power plants, "the inconveniences make us stronger".

Both addressed the new training activities planned, saying that they open up a new dimension in the relationship between the Ukrainian and Spanish armed forces.

These activities will continue in November under the coordination of the Toledo Training Command (TCC). The facility will conduct rotational training of about 400 Ukrainian military personnel every two months through modules on basic training, explosive ordnance disposal, counter improvised explosive devices, precision marksmanship and paramedic training.

A cyber defense course, a course on the use of the 105/14 field artillery system and a basic course on the Hawk anti-aircraft system, recently donated to Ukraine, are also planned.

The training tasks will soon be integrated into the European Union's Military Assistance Mission in Support of Ukraine (EUMAM Ukraine), which aims to contribute to enhancing the military capability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to effectively conduct military operations, so that Ukraine can defend its territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, effectively exercise its sovereignty and protect the civilian population.




Original statement from La Moncloa (Spanish Presidency)