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The Government of Spain condemns repression in Iran

September 27, 2022
The Government of Spain expresses its strong condemnation of the violence perpetrated against peaceful demonstrators in different parts of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and demands that the country’s authorities respect and fully guarantee the right of all citizens to express themselves and demonstrate freely and peacefully.

Spain reiterates its firm commitment to human rights defenders, and particularly to the rights of women, who must be respected in any circumstance and in accordance with universal international instruments in force. In particular, the government reiterates its strong condemnation and repulsion at the violence perpetrated against Iranian women and their rights.

The government conveys its condolences at the loss of human life and wishes those people injured in the demonstrations a speedy recovery, demonstrations that have stemmed from the death of the Iranian woman Mahsa Amini. The government calls on the Iranian authorities to carry out an independent investigation and to assign responsibility in a transparent, objective and complete manner.

The government also reiterates its call to the Iranian authorities to immediately lift all the restrictions on communications and demands that arbitrary arrests and any other measure or restriction against peaceful demonstrators, journalists and other citizens in the exercise of their civil liberties be brought to an end.