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President Sánchez reiterates his message of support for Ukraine and calls on Russia to withdraw from all territory

​The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, has participated in the virtual meeting of the International Crimea Platform, an initiative created a year ago to coordinate international efforts to achieve the reintegration of Crimea into Ukraine.

August 23, 2022


Joint Statement from the International Crimea Platform Participants


During his speech, Pedro Sánchez called on Russia to withdraw from all Ukrainian territory within its internationally recognized borders.

The President of the Government of Spain reaffirmed that "Spain reiterates its strongest condemnation of the unjustified aggressions, including the temporary occupation of the Crimean Peninsula, where its illegal actions constitute flagrant violations of international humanitarian law and human rights."

The Summit, which brought together 50 international leaders, adopted a Joint Declaration reiterating condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine and a commitment to "maintain pressure on Russia to end its temporary occupation of Crimea and restore Ukrainian control over the territory of the peninsula."

"We are extremely concerned about the Russian occupation of Ukrainian ports, which violates maritime laws and hinders freedom of traffic in the Black Sea, exacerbating food insecurity and threatening the lives of millions of people around the world," stressed Sánchez.

The Platform's activities focus on five areas: Consolidation of the non-recognition policy; proper implementation and strengthening of sanctions; regional security due to the impact of the militarization of Crimea on the security of Eastern Europe, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, including freedom of navigation; violations of human rights and international humanitarian law; and mitigation of the negative economic and environmental impact of the occupation of Crimea.

Spain, a country committed to Ukraine

Spain's political, humanitarian and military support for Ukraine has been constant since the beginning of Russia's invasion. Spain has taken in more than 130,000 Ukrainians, delivered several tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and neighboring countries, and committed more than 31 million euros. Spain also contributes 2.5 billion euros to the European Peace Fund.

On the future of Ukraine, Sanchez stressed that it is also necessary to support the reconstruction of the country. For this reason, during the Lugano Conference on Ukraine's Recovery in July, Spain announced a contribution of some 250 million euros channeled through the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The President concluded his speech by pointing to the key role of the International Crimean Platform in unifying international efforts to support the Ukrainian people and their "heroic defense" of the country, and stressed that, in a scenario of a long and protracted war, "unity among partners and allies will be key."




Original statement from La Moncloa (Spanish Presidency)