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Updated COVID19 requirements to enter Spain

​Updated COVID19 requirements to enter Spain from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives

October 27, 2022

As per the Resolution of October 18, 2022, of the General Directorate of Public Health, from October 21st 2022, the following categories of travelers can enter Spain without presenting any sort of COVID certificate:

• Spaniards and EU citizens.

• Duly registered family members of Spanish and EU citizens.

• Foreigners residing in the Europea​n Union or associated Schengen countries (they must have a valid European residence card).

• Foreigners who have a valid long-term visa (not type C visa).

• Foreign students who have the required corresponding visa and insurance.

• Foreign highly-qualified workers, health professionals and health researchers, transport personnel, sailors and aeronautical personnel, diplomatic and consular representatives, personnel of international organizations, civil protection and military personnel.

• Foreigners traveling for urgent humanitarian or family reasons, exceptionally and duly justified.
These categories of people can enter Spain by any means without presenting any covid-19 documentation, as it was before the pandemic started. 

Although the covid-19 health controls at the border have been eliminated, the rest of the travelers to Spain must alternatively be in possession of one of the following three certificates:

1. COVID-19 vaccination certificate, which must meet the following requirements:

• Have completed the last recommended dose of vaccination at least 14 days before traveling to Spain.

• The last dose of the vaccine (second dose) must have been taken in the last 270 days for the vaccination certificate to be valid to enter Spain. The certificate does not expire after 270 days as long as its holder remains under 18 years old. If you have the two doses + booster shot, you can enter Spain on your vaccination certificate without any time limit.

• Only vaccines authorized by the WHO or the European Medicines Agency are accepted.

• The certificate is only accepted in Spanish, English, French or German. In the event that it is not possible to obtain it in these languages, the supporting document must be accompanied by a translation into Spanish carried out by an official body.

• The certificate must include the name and surname of the vaccinated, date of vaccination and doses, type of vaccine and number of doses administered, issuing country and identification of the issuing body of the vaccination certificate.

2.- Negative diagnosis certificate for covid-19, which can be of two types:

• Negative PCR test carried out 72 hours before departure to Spain.

• Laboratory antigen test performed 24 hours before departure to Spain.

3. Recovery certificate that confirms, at least 11 days after the first positive result in the diagnostic test that the holder has recovered from a covid infection. Said certificate is valid for 180 days from the first positive result in the diagnostic test.

Please remember that for entering Spain you only need to show one of the above mentioned three certificates, not all three of them.

Children under 12 years old can travel without any of the above mentioned three certificates.

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