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Spain was re-elected member and President of the Council of the International Maritime Organization

Both re-elections consolidate Spain's role at the forefront of global maritime trade

December 7, 2023

​​Spain was re-elected member of the Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), category B, for the 2024-25 biennium, during the 33rd Assembly of the organization held last week in London.

A few days later, the 40 new members of the Council re-elected Spain as President for the second consecutive biennium. Our Counsellor for Transport and representative of our country before the IMO, Víctor Jiménez Fernandez, will continue to preside over the Council until 2025.​

Spain's objective is to continue being an active delegate in the development of maritime transport safety and the working conditions of seafarers, as well as moving towards a future of clean energy and low emissions.

Our country participated in the IMO Council, for the first time in 1973, and  has been a member of category B since 2001, which links the countries with the greatest interests in world trade. In 2021, Spain was elected for the first time as President of the Council.