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Cris Cancer Foundation at the Embassy

​​The institution is a world leader in the fight against the disease

June 19, 2024

The Ambassador, José Pascual Marco, recalled the Embassy's commitment to the Cris Cancer Foundation, praising its achievements and highlighting the commitment of those who collaborate with it.

Lola Manterola, founder of the institution, and Kevin Harrington, from the Institute of Cancer Research, requested the necessity to continue advancing in cancer research.


A patient who was helped by Cris Cancer Foundation told of her experience, highlighting their great work and the importance of helping this type of initiatives.

Equally, the President of the association for the United Kingdom, Marta Brime, presented the Give Every Month Campaign, aimed at raising funds.


The Foundation has invested more than fifty million Euros since its making, working with eighty centres in sixteen countries,  thirty-five of them in Spain.