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Embassy: funcions and history

The Embassy of Spain in The Hague has the following functions:

A) Bilateral field:

1. Representation of the Kingdom of Spain.
2. Protection of the Spanish interests and relationship with the Spanish community living in the Netherlands.
3. Promotion of the bilateral relations between Spain and the Netherlands and communication with its authorities. Presentation of Spanish positions and points of view before the institutions.  
4. Monitoring of political, economic, social, cultural and defense issues as well as any other matter of interest to Spain; information to the Spanish authorities regarding all relevant issues.
5. Support of Spanish authorities’ during the official visits to the Netherlands.  
6. Negotiation of bilateral treaties and memoranda. 
7. Interaction with Think Tanks, Universities, Civil society and media, providing information when necessary about Spain.
8. Promotion, support and development of the Spanish language and culture (Institute Cervantes, Embassy’s Cultural Department and Education Office).
9. Social Media management for activities organized by the Embassy of Spain in The Hague.

General Consulate in Amsterdam:
1. Processing of Spanish official documents: consular registration, passport, identity cards, …
2. Electoral participation at the European, national, autonomous and local elections.
3. Legalization of official Dutch documents.
4. Civil registration and nationality: births, marriages, adoptions, and deceases.
5. Notarial acts.
6. Visas: tourism, residence, studies
7. Emergency assistance to Spanish nationals.
8. Consular assistance to Spanish nationals during the judicial arrest and procedure and at the time of imprisonment.
9. Repatriation of Spanish nationals.

Information Office:
1. Bilateral relations with the media and keep them up to date with relevant issues concerning Spain.
2. Promotion and dissemination of the activities of the Spanish Government and institutions.
3. Organization of media coverage during official visits of Spanish authorities.
4. Support to the Spanish press accredited in the Netherlands, in particular at the occasion of high level meetings and events.
5. Inform to the Government about relevant issues reflected in the Dutch media.

Security Attaché Office:
1. Relationship with the security and interior authorities in the Netherlands.
2. Information to the superior and executive departments of the Spanish Ministry of Interior and National Counterterrorism Coordination Center about the activities on the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and other activities related to the presence of organized crime groups.
3. Relationship with EUROPOL: international rogatory letters and another international judicial assistance requests (arrest warrants, extradition procedures, etc.).

Economic and Commercial Office:
1. Provision on company request of global and sectorial in-depth analysis of the Dutch economy and trade.
2. Financial and commercial information to the Spanish authorities.
3. Promotion of financial and commercial investments and support of entrepreneurial activities for the internationalization of Spanish companies.
4. Relationship with the competent Dutch authorities in this field.

Education Office:
1. Advice and technical assistance in educational matters.
2. Promotion and management of educational activities in cooperation with the Netherlands.
3. Training for educators/teachers.

Employment and Social Security Office:  
1. Assistance to the Spanish residents in the Netherlands and returnees on labor law, employment, pensions, employee’s protection, etc.
2. Assistance to foreigners interested in emigrating to Spain.

Tourism Office:
1. Information to the Spanish authorities and companies about the Dutch tourism policy, interests and preferences of the Dutch public.
2. Organization of promotional activities and support to the commercialization of the Spanish tourism products, facilitating the relations and plans of the Spanish companies with the Dutch companies and tourists.
3. Media campaigns and general promotion of the Spanish tourism products among the Dutch companies and customers.

B) European Union:

The Embassy of Spain follows all the areas related to the European matters, in particular to prepare the European Council and other EU high level meetings.

C) Multilateral field: international organizations based in the Netherlands:

1. Permanent Representation of Spain to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW):
a. Defense of the Spanish positions at the Executive Council and the Conference of States Parties; contribution to the OPCW’s formation of policies.
b. Promotion of the Spanish candidatures for key positions at this organization.
c. Organization of OPCW executives’ official visits to Spain and participation of the Spanish authorities at this intergovernmental organization.

2. International Tribunals based in The Hague:

International Court of Justice (ICJ),  
International Criminal Court (ICC),  
Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL),
International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY),
Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA).

a. Follow-up of the different cases that are settled before these tribunals and information to the Spanish authorities.
b. Promotion of Spanish candidates for key positions at these tribunals. 
c. Document processing in order to warrant the proper protection to witnesses (Special Tribunal for Lebanon).

3. Other international institutions:

The Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH),
European Patent Office (EPO),
European Space Agency (ESTEC),