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Office hours, location and contact information

Location, Contact and Opening Hours

The Embassy of Spain is located at Djurgårdsvägen 21 in Stockholm. The Embassy is open from Monday to Thursday from 08.30 to 17.00 and Fridays from 08.30 to 15.00. Please see next section on opening hours to the public.

Opening hours of the Consular Section: Access to the Consular Section will be limited,  until further notice, to 5 people at a time. You are kindly requested to come to the Consular Section only in case of need and urgency, preferably unaccompanied. People will kindly be requested to wait outside the premises of the Embassy, until granted access. The Consular Section of the Embassy is open to the public during the following days:

  • ​General consular matters and ordinary procedures: Monday to Thursday, from 10.00 to 13.00.
  • ​N​NIEs: temporarily closed, until further notice.


Telephone Contact

The Embassy of Spain can be reached at any time :

  • From Sweden: 08 52 280 800

  • From outside Sweden:  +46 8 52 280 800 

Telephone calls for consular issues: If you have any questions concerning consular matters, you can call the Embassy from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 to 10.30.  


The Embassy can be contacted by email.


Working Days 2019​​

During 2019 the Embassy of Spain will be closed in the following days:

  • 01/01
  • ​18/04
  • 19/04
  • 22/04
  • 01/05
  • ​02/05
  • 30/05
  • 06/06
  • 21/06
  • 12/10
  • 01/11
  • 06/12
  • 25/12
  • 26/12

Emergency situations​

In case of emergency and need, the Embassy of Spain can be contacted by phone, 24/7 through the Emergency Call Line. This line can only be used in specific situations, where Spanish nationals are in distress.
You can find more information regarding this service her​eDet öppnas i ett nytt fönster.