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Visas for family members of a citizen of the Union

March 22, 2022
Family members of a citizen of a European Union / European Economic Area country who are not nationals of any of those countries can enter into Spain with a valid passport and a visa. The issuance of such visas is free of charge and their processing takes preference when the family member accompanies the European Union citizen or travels to join them.

However, family members of a citizen of a European Union / European Economic Area country in possession of a valid residence card issued by any of those countries are exempt from the obligation of travelling to Spain with an entry visa. Furthermore, upon presentation of their residence card, their passports will not be stamped either on entry or on exit of Spain. Therefore, family members of a citizen of a European Union / European Economic Area country with a 4EuFam residence stamp are exempted of visa to enter into Spain. 

Here below are the documents required alongside a Schengen visa application to core family members of a citizen of the European Union, the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland who envisage a trip to Spain with them or to join them. 

Core family members are: 

• The spouse, if there has been no annulment or divorce.
• The partner registered in a Member State of the European Union or EEA or Switzerland, if such registered partnership has not been legally terminated.
• Direct descendants of the Union citizen or of their spouse or registered partner (if there has been no annulment or divorce or legal termination of the registration), who are under the age of 21 and above that age, provided that they are dependent or disabled.
• Direct relatives in the ascending line of the Union citizen or of their spouse or registered partner (if there has been no annulment or divorce or legal termination of their registration) that are their dependents.
• Family members other than the above who, in their country of origin, live with the citizen of the Union or are their dependents.
• Exceptionally, other family members when serious health grounds or disabilities strictly require their personal care by the Union citizen.
• The unregistered partner, provided that stable cohabitation for a minimum period of one year can be duly attested. When there are children in common, it will be sufficient to ascertain stable cohabitation.   

Kindly be informed that spouses of British nationals are not eligible for EU/EEA Spouse category. They should apply for a standard Schengen visa.

Please note that the Embassy may contact you later on and request additional information. 

Relatives of EU/EEA/Swiss citizens can submit their Schengen visa application at the Embassy of Spain in Ireland, free of any charge.
Basic documents

• Passport of the applicant with at least two consecutive blank pages, valid for at least three months after the duration of the anticipated stay and issued in the last ten (10) years.
• One copy of the page of the passport with biographic data. 
• One Schengen visa application form completed, dated and signed.
• One recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant (35-45 mm), on a white background, full front, on which the applicant must be bareheaded, without dark glasses or any other item that may hinder identification. Veils or head coverings are permitted on religious grounds, provided all facial features are clearly shown on the photograph. If the applicant is a minor, one of their parents must sign the application.
• Irish certificate of registration (GNIB card) valid for at least three months after the visa expiry date (original and copy).
• Copy of the passport of the EU/EEA/Swiss citizen (or also DNI, if he/she is Spanish) attested by notary public. The EU/EEA/Swiss citizen can also accompany the applicant and produce his/her original passport or Spanish DNI. 
• If the application is to be prioritized, evidence that the applicant is traveling with the EU/EEA/Swiss citizen (flight ticket) or joining them in Spain (written declaration signed and dated by the EU/EEA/Swiss citizen, or Carta de invitación of the Spanish National Police).
• Evidence of the family relationship: birth, marriage or legal partnership certificate, as applicable. Certificates from third countries should be legalized or apostilled. Only certificates issued by the Spanish Civil Registry will be accepted as evidence of a marriage with a Spanish national.
• Evidence of dependency (e.g. disabilities, health issues), if applicable.

For minor applicants 

• In case of minors (below 18 years), the application form must be signed by both parents, unless the object of the trip is visiting one parent who lives in Spain (see here below).
• If just one parent will accompany the minor during his travel to Spain, a notary authorisation by the other parent. In case of sole custody, official document proving such.
• If the minor will travel unaccompanied by any of their parents, a no objection affidavit from both parents. 
• Evidence of residence in Ireland: GP or school letter.

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