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Timetables, addresses and contacts


8 Bobo Close, Maitama District.
P. M. B. 5120 Wuse Post Office.
Abuja (Nigeria)

Telephone: + 234 (0) 9 460.34.90
Fax: + 234 (0) 9 460.34.99

The Embassy informs that the working hours to attend the public will temporarily be from 9am till 12noon, Monday to Friday. Until new updates, it is compulsory to request for prior appointment by sending an e-mail to  

The Embassy shall remain closed to the public on the following days of 2021

  • January 1st

  • January 6th

  • April 2nd

  • April 5th

  • May 1st

  • May 13th

  • May 14th

  • June 14th

  • July 20th

  • July 21st

  • October 1st

  • October 12th

  • December 6th

  • December 24th

  • December 25th

  • December 31st