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​​​​Welcome to the Embassy of Spain in Abidjan! Akwaba!

This website contains information about the services we provide to Spanish nationals residing in Côte d'Ivoire or temporarily in the country. We also publish regular updates on our public activities whose aim is to develop and strengthen Spanish-Ivorian relations. I also encourage you to follow us on social media.

The relationship between Spain and Côte d'Ivoire is based on mutual respect and trust, Côte d'Ivoire is a priority partner within the strategic framework for Spain's foreign policy in and with Africa: The Third Africa Plan and its action programme Africa Focus 2023. This is reflected in a fluent political dialogue and a mutual commitment to promote economic and commercial relations.
Spain is already the eighth global supplier to Côte d'Ivoire and the fourth among EU countries. The Economic and Commercial Office at the Embassy actively promotes the presence of Spanish companies in the country – about 50 already – and encourages the financing of projects which support the Ivorian economy. Also following the signing of a Debt Relief Agreement by our two countries in 2017, a fund of 52 million euro to finance development projects is currently being implemented.

Regarding education and culture, Côte d'Ivoire is the African country with the highest number of students of Spanish as a foreign language – almost 567,000 according to the latest Cervantes Institute Yearbook. This position of great relevance of the Spanish language is backed up by a significant number of initiatives that promote cultural and educational exchange.
The Embassy provides consular services for Spanish citizens, as well as consular assistance and protection whenever necessary. It also deals with the management​ of electoral processes for our resident community and visa applications for Ivorians who wish to travel to our country.

It is, therefore, our strong commitment to bring Spain and Côte d'Ivoire closer to each other in every aspect of our daily activity.

Rafael Soriano Ortiz
Ambassador of Spain to Côte d’Ivoire