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Hunting in Spain


Who must apply for a permit to import, possess and use hunting weapons in Spain?
Spanish and foreign citizens living in our consular jurisdiction who are going to travel to Spain with the intent of participating in hunting activities must apply for the required permit to import fire weapons and notify this circumstance upon their arrival in Spain, by showing the application stamped by the Consulate General of Spain in Toronto with all the required documents duly verified.

In the case of Spanish citizens, they need to be registered in the Consular Registry​It opens in new window.

Which documents need to be submitted at the Consulate General in Toronto?
THIS PROCEDURE REQUIRES TO BOOK AN ONLINE APPOINTMENTIt opens in new window through the option “Compulsa de documentación” or you can send all the documents by mail.
  • Application form​ for authorizing the import, possession and use of hunting weapons in Spain, duly filled out and signed.
  • Original Invitation letter (through electronic signature or accompanied by a photocopy of the signatory’s ID), in Spanish, issued by the Spanish entity organizing the hunt. In such invitation the following information must be included: dates, name of hunting reserve, town and province where the hunt will take place each day; and whether the weapons used are owned by the applicant or the hunt organizer. If owned by the hunt organizer, the hunting weapons must be specified.
  • Form EXT 1042It opens in new window issued by the Export Control Division at the Department of External Affairs and International Trade of Canada. P.O. Box 481, Station A, Ottawa, ON  K1N 9K6).
  • Original or notarized copy of valid passport and a photocopy for its certification (In addition, original or notarized copy of valid permanent resident card or permit if the applicant is not a Canadian citizen).
  • Original or notarized copy of valid hunting license and a photocopy for its certification.
  • Original or notarized copy of valid fire arms possession permit and a photocopy for its certification.

  • Consular fee.​
  • A prepaid XPRESS POST envelope from Canada Post, to send all the documents back.
The Consulate General will certify the copies of the documents and will stamp the application form only when we have received the payment of the consular fee.

How can the Consular fee be paid?
As of January 1st, 2022, the consular fee is $4.70 CAD per copy to be certified.
If you come to the Consulate in person: In cash, with money order or guaranteed or certified cheque, in Canadian dollars, payable to the “Consulate General of Spain in Toronto”. Personal cheques will not be accepted.
In case of mailing the documents: Guaranteed or certified cheque in Canadian dollars or money order, payable to the “Consulate General of Spain in Toronto”. Personal cheques will not be accepted.

How are the documents sent back?
In order to mail documents to you, you have to provide us with a mailing address. It cannot be a postal office box. You must provide a prepaid XPRESS POST envelope from Canada Post.
In all circumstances, the Consulate General will not be responsible for any issues, delays or loss of documents sent by mail.

How can the Department of Legalizations and Certifications be contacted?
You can send an email to cog.toronto.leg@maec.esIt opens in new window or call at (+1) 416-977-1661 EXT. 1. We will only answer with respect to information which cannot be found on the website.