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Study visa


The Consulate General in Miami has jurisdiction over the following states: Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Foreigners wishing to conduct research, training (non-salaried basis), and take studies in educational centers (public or private) officially recognized in Spain, or have been accepted as Languages or cultural assistants must apply for this type of visa.

American citizens (or any other nationality that does not require visa to enter in Spain) visiting for less than 90 days for studies purposes do not need to apply for this visa.

Only applications for visas applications will be accepted BY POSTAL MAIL.​

Honorary Consulates of Spain cannot process visa applications.

Visa applications must be submitted sufficiently in advance of the beginning of the pertinent study programmes, as the procedure entails ​consultations with other authorities

The process to get this type of visa might take approximately 2 to 4 weeks. This General Consulate recommends not purchasing plane tickets until your visa has been granted.

The Consulate General of Spain in Miami has full authority to evaluate and request documents in addition to those initially submitted by the applicant.


A) You must submit the ORIGINAL of the following documents in order to apply for your Visa:

1.- One National Visa Appli​cation form​, completed and signed.

2.- One recent photo in color (US passport size), with a white, clear, uniform background. Photos with a dark background or with objects or people that can be seen behind your head will not be accepted. Please do not staple or use any other option besides glue to attach the photo to the form.

3.- Consular fee. Payment must be ma​​de by MONEY ORDER (not refundable). We do not accept any other type of "CONSULATE GENERAL OF SPAIN". Student visa fee for US citizens is $160.

​B) You must submit NOTARIZED COPY:

4.- Passport or travel document recognized as valid with duration of at least the requested time of stay and must contain at least two free pages in the visa section (copy of the page where your data and photos appear).

5.- Driver's license and/or Student Card that proves your legal residence in our jurisdiction

6.- Immigration status in US (not applicable for US citizens): Green Card, valid US student visa, work permit (stamp on the passport) or parole.

C) For the rest of the documents: Present an original and a copy of the documents. The originals will be returned when the visa is picked up.

7.- Certificate of admission issued in Spain by any authorized university or school, verifying enrollment as a full-time student, leading to obtaining a degree or certificate. The certificate must detail: Name of the program, duration (start and end dates), address, phone number, name of the person in charge of the program (the certificate of admission must be presented in Spanish).

8.- Proof economic means to cover the expenses of stay and return to your country, and, where appropriate, those of your relatives. For the applicant’s support, a minimum amount of $700 per month unless it is duly accredited to have the accommodation paid in advance for the entire ​duration of the stay. For the support of family members during their stay in Spain: a minimum amount of $525 for the first family member and; $350 per month for each of the remaining family members who will integrate the family unit in Spain.

Please provide at least one of the following:

   a) Letter from the university or school in Spain or in the US assuming full financial responsibility during your stay (this is often included into the acceptance letter).

   b) Proof of financial aid or scholarship for at least $700 per month for room and board.

   c) Notarized letter from the parents or legal guardians assuming full financial responsibility for​ at least $700 per month for room and board. Suggested wording: “I hereby certify that I'm the (father/mother/other) of (...), will support him/her with a monthly allowance of at least $700 while he/she is in Spain and that I'm financially responsible for any emergency that may arise", along with their bank statements and applicant’s Birth certificate.

   d) Personal bank account statements showing at least $700 per month of stay.

This amount is in addition to the amount used or to be used to cover cost of studies.

9.- Proof of public or private health insurance from an insurer recognized and authorized to operate in Spain. The insurance must cover all risks normally covered for nationals and must be maintained for the entire duration of the authorization.

It must cover at least all the preventive, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation assistance activities that are carried out in health centers or socio-health centers, as well as urgent health transport.

It must be health insurance (not travel). Therefore, it is not necessary to cover repatriations and/or evacuations.

The health insurance must not have a deficiency, copayment, or coverage limit, that is, it must cover 100% of the medical, hospital, and out-of-hospital expenses

When the length of stay exceeds six months, medical certificate and certificate of criminal record are also required:

10.- Medical certificate: A recent doctor’s statement, dated no more than three months before the application date, with the doctor or medical center’s letterhead, duly signed, stamped and translated into Spanish by a sworn/certified translator stating:

"This medical certificate certifies that Mr. / Ms. (...) Does not suffer from any diseases that may have serious implications for public health in accordance with the provisions of the International Health Regulations 2005".

11.- Certificate of criminal record dated no more than five months before the application date, stating that applicant does not have criminal record where they have resided for the past five years. Not applicable for students under 18 years old.

You must request a background check verified by fingerprint comparison. The criminal background check must be issued by the US Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The background check must be issued within five months prior to the submission of the visa application. We do not accept local police criminal certificates.

The criminal record must be legalized with the Apostille certification and translated into Spanish by a sworn/certified translator. (The translation does not need an Apostille and the Apostille does not need a translation)




If the applicant has spent six month or more during the last five years in another country/State, he/she must submit the police records from that country/State, legalized with the Apostille Certification and translated into Spanish. If the country is not part of the Hague Convention the document must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then by the Spanish Consulate in that country.


Collecting the visa: The visa must be collected personally by the interested party or by his representative, if he is a minor, with the need for an appointment, within a maximum period of 2 months, counted from the day following the date on which it is notified favorable resolution. This Consulate will arrange an appointment with the applicants indicating the date and time for the collection of their visa.

Once the visa has been collected, the applicant must enter the Spanish territory during the period of validity of the visa. Upon entry and within the first thirty days, applicant must apply for a Foreigner Identity Card or TIE at the "Comisaría de Extranjería y Documentación" in the city where the classes are taken. The TIE will be valid for as long as the student is enrolled in the program in Spain. In the case of minors, this procedure may be carried out by a representative.

If the duration of the studies does not exceed six months, the visa will be sufficient to document the stay.


When a minor is traveling without their parents, the application must be submitted by their parents or legal guardians duly accredited. Presence of the minor is also required.

​In addition to the documents detailed above (requirements 1 to 10), you must submit the following:

  • Original birth certificate of the minor translated into Spanish and legalized with the Apostille certification. If the country is not part of the Hague Convention the document must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then by the Spanish Consulate in that country. (Original and Copy).
  • Notarized copies of parents IDs/passports.
  • Notarized authorization letter of both parents and legal guardians to travel to Spain for the purpose of carrying out the activity in question, with proof of the center, organization, entity, and person in charge for the activity and the planned length of stay. It must state information about people who will take care of the minor once is Spain, with their names, surnames, ID or NIE numbers and address. (This letter must be presented in Spanish).


"Relative" means for this purpose, the spouse, common-law partner and children under eighteen or children with disabilities and not objectively able to provide for their own needs due to their health status. Relatives will not be entitled to work during their stay in Spain.

Foreigners who have applied for a student visa or who are in Spain in the study regime may apply for the corresponding stay visas for their relatives so that they can legally enter and stay in Spain for the duration of such studies or research, without being required a prior period of stay by the foreign student or researcher. The visas may be presented simultaneously with the application for a student visa by the student or researcher, or at any subsequent time during the period of validity of the authorized student residence.

In addition to the documents detailed above (requirements 1 to 11​), you must submit the following:

  • Original Birth Certificate of children legalized with the Apostille certification and translated in Spanish. Attach a copy of identifications of both parents. If the parents are divorced, submit the final divorce and custody sentence of the child legalized with the Apostille certification. If the country is not part of the Hague Convention the document must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then by the Spanish Consulate in that country. (Original and Copy).
  • Original Marriage Certificate legalized with the Apostille certification and translated into Spanish. If the country is not part of the Hague Convention the document must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then by the Spanish Consulate in that country. (Original and Copy).
  • Proof of validity of a common-law partner relationship not-registered previously constituted.​