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International Remote Work Residence Visa​


An appointment per person is required. Each visa applicant is not allowed to have more than ONE appointment. If you have more than one, all your appointments will be cancelled.

Visa appointments may be full in busy seasons, please try to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.​

Check visa result: Check visa resul​t - web.pdf


(CHAPTER V bis Section 2 Title V Law 14/2013, September 27th)

Aimed at foreigners who, being qualified professionals (graduates or postgraduates from renowned universities, professional training and business schools of recognized prestige or with a minimum of three years of professional experience), intend to reside in Spanish territory in order to work remotely for a company not located in Spain.




  1. National visa application form. (Dow​nload) Each applicant will complete in all its sections and sign a visa application.
  2. Photography. A recent color passport-size photograph with a white background, taken from the front, without dark glasses, reflections, or clothing that hides the face.
  3. Valid passport. Original and a photocopy of the page or pages with biometric data of the passport. The passport must have a minimum validity of 1 year and two blank pages. Passports issued more than 10 years ago are not accepted.
  4. Hong Kong or Macau Residence Permit -- Original and photocopy of Hong Kong or Macau ID Card. If you are not a permanent HK resident, a valid HK residence visa will also be needed.
  5. Company certificate with which the visa applicant maintains a labor or professional relationship of at least three months by the date of application. Said certificate must show:
    1. If they are an employee (Employment relationship):
      • The seniority of the worker in the Company
      • Explicit permission from the company to carry out remote work from Spain.
    2. If they are self-employed (Professional relationship):
      • Length of duration of the contractual relationship
      • The terms and conditions in which they will carry out the remote professional activity and accompanying supporting documentation.
  6. Proof of a real and continuous activity for at least one year of the foreign company or group of companies with which the worker maintains a labor or professional relationship: Commercial Registry Certificate (or analogous body of the country) reflecting the date of establishment of the company and the type of activity
  7. Proof of sufficient economic resources to meet the maintenance and stay expenses of the applicant and, where appropriate, the family members. As a reference, for the applicant the necessary amount is equivalent to 200% of SMI (Salario Mínimo Interprofesional bruto). For the first family member, the amount equivalent to 75% of the SMI is required, and for each of the family applicants from the second on, the amount is set at 25% of the SMI.

    For proof of the indicated amounts, the employment contract, firm offer of employment or, in the case of professional activity, commercial contract corresponding to the labor or professional activity that motivates authorization. Bank statements for the last three months issued by a local, Macao or European Union bank are also required.
  8. Criminal record certificate issued by the authorities of the country or countries in the applicant has resided during the last 2 years. Additionally, a responsible statement of absence of criminal records of the last 5 years is required.   (This document should be legalized and be officially translated into Spanish)
  9. Proof of degree or professional experience:
    1. Proof of the status of graduate or postgraduate from renowned universities, professional training and business schools of recognized prestige: Original and Copy of a degree or documentation proving a minimum professional experience of three years in similar positions as to those to be held as an international teleworker.    (This document should be legalized and be of​ficially translated into Spanish)
    2. In the case of the exercise of regulated professions, the degree's homologation in accordance with regulations regarding the exercise of regulated professions.
    3. In the case of applications from people with a degree in professional training, if there are doubts about the equivalence with the Spanish education system, proof of  co-validation before the competent education authority.
  10. Proof of compliance with social security requirements: Holders of an international residence permit for remote workers must comply with Social Security requirements in accordance with current regulations, without there being any particularity in what refers to requirements or registration procedure of companies, registrations, cancellations and quotation.
    1. In the event that the applicant is covered by an international agreement for the coordination of social security systems signed by Spain (click here for the list of bilateral agreements):
      • Responsible declaration of the company (in the case of employment contract), or the worker (in the case of self-employment), certifying that the applicant who is moving to Spain to carry out the activity is included in the social security system of the State of origin. The scope and duration established in the bilateral, multilateral or applicable international social security instrument signed by Spain must be included.
      • Applicable legislation certificate (without the need to be legalized or apostilled), issued by the corresponding social security organization (click here for certificate templates)
    2. In the event that the applicant is not covered by an international standard for the coordination of social security systems signed by Spain and, therefore, is obliged to contribute to the corresponding Social Security system, the following documents must be provided:
      • In the case of employment contract:
      • For self-employed workers:
        • Application of registration of the self-employed worker in the Social Security System
        • Responsible declaration of the self-employed worker stating compliance commitment, prior to the start of work or professional activity, of social security obligations in accordance with current regulations.
        • Supporting documents either of the company's registration in Spain's Social Security system (click here to check the resolution certificate reference for registration in the social security system here), or the registration application in the system.
  11. Public or private health insurance: Applicants for visas or international remote work residence authorizations must have public or private health insurance arranged with an insurance company authorized to operate in Spain, which must remain active during the period of validity of the authorization. Travel insurance will not be considered valid for visa application purposes.

    In the event that the applicant is covered by an international standard for coordination of social security systems signed by Spain and if this standard does not provide health coverage for workers who, being insured in a State, carry out their activity in the territory from another State, it must be proven that they have public or private medical insurance that provides coverage comparable to that provided by the Spanish National Health System:
    1. In the case of public health insurance: It may be submitted in this way for those people who have signed a health care agreement with the Autonomous Community in the territory they are registered in, provided they meet the requirements for that purpose.
    2. In the case of private health insurance: It must be arranged with an insurance company authorized to operate in Spain (travel insurance is not valid). The coverage of the insurance plan must allow you to go to the doctor both for check-ups and for illnesses or emergencies. The medical insurance must not have a deficiency, copayment, or coverage limit; that is, it must cover 100% of medical, hospital and extra-hospital expenses. You may find a list of the aforementioned companies here:
  12. Visa fee payment (in cash or through FPS): The visa fee is an amount equivalent to 80 euros to be paid in local currency. For nationals of Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, different rates apply for reciprocity reasons. In these cases, the amount of the fee must be consulted with the Consular Office.



* This type of visa will not apply to citizens of the European Union and to those foreigners to whom the law of the European Union applies because they are beneficiaries of the rights of free movement and residence (EU family members).

* In parallel with the application for an international remote working residence visa, a Foreign Identification Number (NIE) must be requested. Information on this procedure can be found in this link.


  • The international remote working visa will be valid for a maximum of one year, unless the work period is shorter, in which case the visa will be valid for the same time.
  • The international remote working visa will be considered as a valid permit to reside and work remotely in Spain during its validity.
  • Within a period of sixty calendar days before the expiration of the visa, international remote workers who are interested in continuing to reside in Spain may request the residence permit for international remote work, as long as the conditions that generated the visa are maintained.
  • Although the international remote work visa will be considered a valid permit to reside and work remotely in Spain during its validity, the holder of this visa, once in Spain, may also choose to request a residence permit to work remotely for a company located abroad, which will be valid throughout the Spanish territory. The validity of this authorization will be effective for a maximum of three years unless it is requested for a shorter period of work. The holders of this authorization may request its renewal for periods of two years as long as the conditions that generated the right are maintained.




Prior appointment is required for each applicant. Each visa applicant cannot have more than ONE appointment. If you have more than one appointment, all your appointments will be cancelled.

Visa appointments can be full in high season, please try to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

  • This Consular Office is competent to accept only visa applications for residents of the consular district of Hong Kong and Macau.
  • Legally authorized subjects: The visa application will be presented personally by the interested party, or by one of their parents, if they are minors. It can also be submitted through a duly accredited representative.
  • Place of application: Prior appointment for visa application (click here).  Each applicant must make an appointment to present the documents (1 appointment = 1 applicant). The demand for appointments can be high during certain times of the year, please book your appointment in advance. The address of this Consulate General is: Suite 5303, Central Plaza, 18 Harbor Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
  • Application receipt: The Consular Office will provide the interested party with an application receipt that includes a code that allows them to verify the status of the file through the link:
  • Application rectification: The Consular Office may ask the applicant to present the missing documents or to provide additional documents or data that are necessary to resolve the application. The applicant may also be called for a personal interview.
  • Visa collection: The visa must be withdrawn personally by the interested party or by their representative without the need for an appointment, within a maximum period of 1 month, counted from the day following the issue date of the favorable resolution.
  • Visa rejection: Where appropriate, the rejection will always be notified in writing, stating the reasons on which the decision is based.
  • Recourse: In the event of a visa rejection, the applicant may file an appeal for reversal with this Consular Office within a period of 1 month from the day following the date on which the notification of refusal is received. A contentious-administrative appeal before the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid may also be filed within a period of 2 months from the day following the date on which the notification of denial of the visa or dismissal of the appeal for replacement is received.