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Spanish Residents' Council

Spanish Residents' Council

The Spanish Residents' Councils (hereinafter, CREs) are consultative bodies of the consular offices, understood as both the Consulates General themselves and the consular sections of the Embassies, on issues of interest to the Spanish resident community in their area. They carry out their activities in matters of civil and labour rights, educational, social and cultural action in favour of the Spaniards who make up this community and their political participation in Spain.

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Nuria Fraile -  Edimburgo (President)
María Luisa García - Helensburgh   (Secretary and spokesperson for Glasgow).
Xabier Villares - Edinburgh.
Jorge Vitales - Belfast   (Spokeperson for Northern Ireland).
María José González - Newcastle (Spokeperson for North of England).
Ricardo Valls - Edinburgh.
Almudena Cascales - Glasgow.

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