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Opening hours, location and contact information


Opening hours:  ​

1.- The procedures that required to appear in person are: ​

     - NIE.

     - Visas. With appointment only.

     - FNMT number.

     - Citizenship. With appointment only.

     - Passports. With appointment only.  Or Safe-conducts.

     - Pick up University Diplomas.

     - Parents who need to give authorization for a minor’s passport.

     - Notary Public. With appointment only.

     - Criminal record certificate authorization.

     - Proof of live Affidavit.        


2.- All questions and procedures that do not need to be done in person, can be done:

     •   By regular mail ONLY​:​​

         o  Civil Registry.

         o  Consular Registration.

         o  Hunting permit.

         o  Copy certification. 

     •   Through e-mail:​

          o  Residence certificate

          o  Request birth certificate 


This Consulate General has witnessed recently that some citizens have been paying their fee for consular services with ¨Money Orders¨ that stated a different amount of money than the exact fee. 

This Consulate General WILL NOT ACCEPT ¨MONEY ORDERS¨which include neither bigger nor smaller amounts to the exact consular fee. Files will be rejected and users will be asked either to pay in cash or to bring a new ¨Money Order¨ that could be processed by any bank office of the neighborhood. Such citizen could come back the very same day from 9am to 1pm to finish his/her consular proceeding without applying for a new appointment.


180 North Michigan Ave., Suite 1500.
Chicago. Illinois 60601. MAP​It opens in new window


  • Telephone from Spain: 00 1 312 782 45 88
  • Telephone: +1 (312) 782 45 88  

Emails: ​ 

Consular ​Jurisdiction​:

  • Illinois.
  • Indiana Iowa. 
  • Kansas.
  • Nebraska.
  • North Dakota. 
  • South Dakota. 
  • Ohio.
  • Kentucky. 
  • Michigan.
  • Minnesota. 
  • Missouri.
  • Wisconsin. 

Calendar holidays 2024

Table information
Monday,  January 1st 
New Year´s Day
Monday, January 15th
Martin Luther King, Jr
Monday, February 19th 
President´s Day
Thursday,  March 28th
Holy Thursday
Friday, March 29th 
Holy Friday
Monday,  May 1st
Labor Day in Spain
​Wednesday, May 27th
Memorial Day 
Thursday,    July 4th
Independence Day
Monday,   September 2nd
Labor Day
Saturday,  October 12th 
Spanish National Holiday
Thursday, November 28th
Thanksgiving Day
Friday,  November 29th
Friday after Thanksgiving
Friday,   December 6th
Spanish Constitution Day 
Wednesday, December 25th
Christmas Day