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Schengen visas

January 8, 2024


​There are not paid appointments or expedited processes. If you do not see appointments available, it means that the slots are full.

This Consulate will not answer emails regarding appointments with the BLS company.


General information:

The Schengen visa is issued to third-country nationals listed in Annex I of Regulation (EU) 2018/1806. This visa allows the holder to stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days (in any 180-day period) for the purposes of tourism, business, visiting family, medical treatment, studies, training placements or volunteer activities that last under 3 months, or for other non-gainful activities. It also allows transit through the territory and airports.

The Schengen area encompasses 27 European countries without border controls between them: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The Schengen visa allows the holder to travel to any of the Schengen States and to transit through their territory, but it does not automatically entitle them to enter the Schengen area. The border authorities can refuse entry if the visa holder does not provide proof of the purpose and specifics of the trip, or if any of the other entry requirements are not met.

Appart from these REQUIREMENTS, this Consulate may request additional documents if the application is not correct or clear:

1. One Schengen Visa Apli​cation FormIt opens in new window: Each applicant must complete and sign a visa application. Visa applications can be filled out electronically or handwritten in capital letters.

2. One photograph: In color, printed on matte/glossy paper, taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance, in front of a white/off white background, without dark or reflective glasses, and clearly showing the full oval of the face. In photos of minors, adults cannot be seen holding them.

3. Passport or travel document: Original and copy of page(s) that contain biometric data.
      • Must be valid for a minimum of 3 months beyond planned departure date from the Schengen territory.
      • Must contain at least 2 blank pages.
      • ​Passports issued more than 10 years ago will not be accepted.
      • Emergency passports will not be accepted.

4. Medical travel insurance: Insurance must cover the entire stay and be valid for all the Schengen area:
      • Costs of repatriation for medical reasons or death.
      • Urgent healthcare.
      • Emergency hospital treatment.
      • Coverage must be of at least 30.000€ or its equivalent in U.S. dollars.

5. Payment of the visa fee is currently only through cash. We are working to reactivate the debit payment machine. ​The visa fee is non refundable. 
      • General fee (citizens age 12 and over): $88.00
      • Children of 6-11 years: $44.00
      • Children aged 5 and under: Exempt.
      • ​Countries subject to Visa Facilitation Agreements: Citizens of Cabo Verde: $66.00 (kids 12-18 yo $33.00); Citizens of Azerbaijan and Armenia: $37.00; Citizens of Gambia over 12 yo $131.00.
Appart from the visa fee, a BLS Service Fee will be charged to the applicant. If the applicant wishes to purchase an additional/optional service, another fee will be added.​

6. Documents corroborating the purpose of the travel and specifics of the stay:
  • ​Complete travel itinerary (round trip from the U.S.): Confirmed flight with booking reference number. A non refundable paid reservation will be requested if the application is not clear. Travel itinerary must include:  
      • ​Applicant’s name.
      • Clear details of travel dates.
      • ​When traveling from one country to another within the Schengen area: flight, bus, train tickets or car rental details.
  • Proof of accommodation for entire duration of stay: Can be any of the following:
      • Copy of confirmed hotel reservations containing applicant’s name, hotel´s address and telephone, matching with flight dates. A non refundable paid reservation will be requested if the application is not clear. 
      • ​Official invitation letter from a Spanish national or foreign legal resident in Spain: Issued by the Police Department or other governing body. Invitation letter should specify: Address of stay;Copy of host’s passport: Copy of host’s proof of residence (if not a Spanish national).
  • If trip is arranged by a tour operator or travel agency:
      • Confirmation of booking of the trip.
      • Travel itinerary: Specifying hotels outlined day by day and including each location’s address, phone number and email.
      • ​For cruises: Itinerary with ports outlined day by day.

7. Proof of financial means: Applicant must corroborate having sufficient financial means for the entire duration of their stay. Sufficient financial means are considered to be:
      • If trip is up to 9 days: Minimum average balance of 108€ per person and day of stay.
      • ​If trip is 10 days or longer: Minimum average balance of 972€, independent of the duration of the stay.

Applicants must submit three most recent bank statements where final balance exceeds minimum average balance required.
      • Statements must show the last four digits of the applicant’s account number.
      • Statements must include checking and/or savings of each account.
      • If current statement is older than one week, applicant must submit a stamped bank letter reflecting the current balance of accounts.
      • Brokerage statements, credit lines or equivalents can be submitted.

Only 1st degree relatives can financially support (“sponsor”) an applicant. To certify this sponsorship, applicant must submit:
      • Notarized and Apostilled/Legalized letter from relative assuming full financial responsibility for the applicant’s stay.
      • Notarized and Apostilled/Legalized ​copy of relative’s ID.
      • Relative’s proof of employment: Letter from the company that the relative is working for.
      • Relative’s three most recent bank statements.
      • Copy of birth certificate or Tax returns certifying dependence.

2nd degree relatives may be eligible for sponsorship; however, this decisión lies at the discretion of the Consulate.

8. Proof of employment: Applicant must submit a letter from his/her company indicating length of employment, position, wage or salary, and vacation period. This employment letter must be stamped and include the company logo.
  • ​Self-employed individuals:
      • Most recent yearly income tax return(s).
      • Last 3 corporate bank statements.
      • ​Professional license (if applicable).
      • Certificate of incorporation.
  • Retirees: Letter from the Social Security Administration confirming monthly retirement income.
  • Students: Proof of enrollment (can be copy of F1 visa, school ID card or transcripts).
  • Business travelers:
      • Letter from their U.S.-based company indicating purpose and length of stay.
      • Letter of invitation from the Spanish company or conference, or invitation letter from a host.

9. For non-US citizens: Permit to return to the U.S. in the form of a Residence Card or a student/work visa, stamped on applicant’s passport, or parole. Residence Card or U.S. Visa must be valid at least 3 months beyond the expected length of stay in the Schengen area.

Holders of a B-1 or B-2 visa must apply for a Schengen visa in their country of origin or permanent residence.

10. Proof of residence in this Consular district: Applicant must be a legal resident or enrolled in in-person studies within this Consulate’s jurisdiction: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.
      • Residence must be demonstrated by submitting a copy of: U.S. Drivers’ License, State ID or University Student ID.
      • Non-U.S. citizens must also submit a copy of their U.S. Green Card or long-term stay visa.


Additional required documents:

  1. Notarized and Apostilled/Legalized authorization letter to apply for a visa from parent or legal guardian who is not accompanying minor.
  2. Application form signed by both parents.
  3. If only one parent has full custody: Notarized and Apostilled/Legalized copy of Family Court Order. Must include an official/certified translation to Spanish.​
  4. Notarized and Apostilled/Legalized copy of parent(s)’s passport.
  5. Notarized and Apostilled/Legalized birth certificate. Must include an official/certified translation to Spanish.
  6. If the minor is a student, original (if electronic signature is included) or notarized and Apostilled/Legalized copy of letter from school or college, F1 visa and student ID.

In the case of unaccompanied minors (when a minor is traveling alone):
  1. Notarized and Apostilled/Legalized letter from tutor or person responsable for the child while duration of stay, assuming full responsibility of applicant’s care and provide a sexual criminal background check conducted in Spain.
  2. Notarized and Apostilled/Legalized copy of tutor’s passport.
  3. Notarized and Apostilled/Legalized letter from both of applicant’s parents granting permission to the minor traveling alone and acknowledging that the abovementioned tutor will care for the minor during their stay in Spain.


Who can apply for a visa: Applications must be submitted in-person. If the applicant is a minor, the application must be submitted by their parents or legal guardians. Presence of the minor is also required.

Place of submission: Applications must be submitted in-person at the corresponding BLS International Services Ltd. offices (Visa Application Center): ): 15 Court Square, suite 520, Boston MA 02108. A previous appointment is always required.

Visa application period: Visa applications must be submitted between 6 months and 15 days before the scheduled date of travel. Seafarers may apply for the visa up to 9 months before the date of travel.

Proof of receipt: As implemented by BLS.

Biometric data capturing: The applicant's facial image and fingerprints will be captured during the visa application procedure. Applicants under 12 and applicants whose fingerprints have been taken in the last 59 months are exempt from fingerprint taking. However, in the latter case, if the applicant's prints are of poor quality, the Consular Office will request that they come back in to have their fingerprints retaken.

Decision period: The legal period for reaching a decision is of 15 calendar days as of the day after the application submission date, but this period may be extended to 45 calendar days if an interview or additional documents are requested. Visa applications submitted by nationals of certain States require consultation with the central authorities that could affect the duration of the visa procedure.

Visa collection: Passports with issued visa and other original documents submitted will be available for in-person pick-up by the applicant or a duly accredited legal representative at the corresponding BLS International Services Ltd. office.

Visa refusal: Refusals of the visa or study stay permit will always be notified in writing, setting forth the grounds on which the decision adopted was based.

Appeals: If a visa is refused, the applicant may submit an appeal for reconsideration to this Consular Office within 1 month of the day following the date on which notification of the refusal is received. An application for judicial review may also be filed with the High Court Justice of Madrid within the 2-month period beginning the day after the date on which the applicant receives notification of the visa refusal or of the dismissal of the reconsideration appeal.