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Hunting permits

October 2, 2023

​Foreigners traveling to Spain with the purpose of participating in hunting expeditions should apply for a hunting permit at this Consulate General of Spain only if your permanent address is in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island. You will have to apply even if you are not going to carry any guns

In order to apply for the permit, you must send by postal mail: 

A) Notarized and Apostilled​ photocopies of the following documents:

1.- Passport.

2.- Driver´s licence.

3.- Valid Annual Hunting License (issued by any of the five States above). 

B) In addition, you will also need to submit the following documents

4.- Application Form to use fire arms for hunting in Spain, filled out and signed.

5.- Original hunting event invitation lett​​​er (by electronic signature or enclosing a photocopy of an original identification document allowing to verify the signatory’s signature), issued in Spanish by the event organizer, it must state: 
    • The dates, hunting and the locations where the hunting will take place each day. 
    • If the hunter is taking his/her own guns or if the is going to use guns lent by the organizer, in this case, specify it.

6.- Translation of the​ hunting license by filling and signing this Translation Form.
7.- Fee Payment of $50 dollars. Only Money Order accepted (to: "Consulate of Spain"; from: your full name)
3.- Self-addressed pre-paid envelope.
10.- If you´re traveling with firearms, you must provide the valid certificate of registration for personal effects taken abroad issued by the Department of Homeland Security, U.S Customs and Border Protection. Sample​.
11.- Proof of residence. We only accept invoice of services (internet, electricity, gas) or a lease agreement.
Payment must be made by Money Order. Personal checks, credit cards and debit cards will NOT be accepted.