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​Intervención de la Embajadora Representante Permanente en la reunión del Grupo de Contacto Asiático de 20 de Abril 2015


I would like to join the EU representative in thanking you for organising this discussion and also thank Mr. Henry Fox and Mr. Ben Hiller for their insightful presentations.

I subscribe the points made by the EU, but let me make some additional comments in my national capacity. As you know, Spain is participating actively in the international fora dealing with cybersecurity. Spain is currently member of the UN Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) on this matter and, as non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in the period 2015-2016, has included cybersecurity among its priority areas.
In the context of the OSCE, and following the successful negotiation of the first set of Confidence Building Measures to reduce the risks of conflict stemming from the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), Spain has been supporting the voluntary implementation of such measures by the Partners for Cooperation.
My delegation raised this issue during the discussions about the experiences at the sub-regional level and from other regions of the world held at the event in November 2014. A couple of experts of the delegations from the OSCE Partner countries also made comments on this topic, including Mr. Henry Fox who informed about the promising confidence building measures undertaken within the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF).

As stated by my delegation at the last meeting of the Informal Working Group Established by PC Decision 1039 on 13 March, I believe that, after evaluating the experiences at the sub-regional level and from other regions of the world, with the above mentioned participation of experts of the OSCE Partner countries, one of the major conclusions in November was the recognition of the transnational character of the risks of conflict stemming from the use of ICTs.

Indeed, we mean risks also originating from adjacent areas of the OSCE, which can be addressed, along with the OSCE capabilities to effectively respond to them, inter alia, at the Informal Working Group Established by PC Decision 1039.

In this respect, my delegation encourages the participation and the contribution with their experience of the partners for co-operation in the discussions at the mentioned Informal Working Group on a regular basis. Additionally, promoting the voluntary implementation of the CBMs agreed in the Decision 1106 on the initial set of OSCE CBMs by the Partner countries could help strengthen the co-operation with them in the context of ICTs.

In conclusion, Chairman, I would like to invite other delegations, in particular those representing our Asian Partners for Co-operation, to consider ways to implement this approach. Let’s put it on the table as food-for-thought for now, and see how best to express a commitment of that sort in the coming months.

Thank you, very much for your attention.


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