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Blog "Reflexiones exteriores"
The EU global strategy in three concepts

​The EU global strategy (EUGS), presented by the High Representative to the European Council on 28 June, aims at giving the foreign and security policy of the EU a new momentum, underscoring its practical relevance for EU citizens and its role as a key element of the European construction.

Three concepts used in the Strategy define its essential content and ambition.

Firstly, the guiding thread of the Strategy is resilience, defined as the ability of states and societies to reform, withstand and recover from domestic and international crises, on the basis of a minimum level of democracy, rule of law and sustainable development (ie, it does not equate to mere stability). According to the Strategy, the EU should contribute to the resilience of Member States, their immediate neighborhood and the international community as a whole. It can be argued that this is a defensive concept more than a transformative one, but one can also consider that it encompasses the idea of reform, both domestic and international.
Secondly, the concept of principled pragmatism, according to which the interests of the EU and of its citizens must lie at the core of EU action, albeit within the framework of the "idealistic aspiration of the EU to move towards a better world.” Conceptually, this approach differs from the idea of the EU as a normative power (whose actions have values rather than interests at their center), but the final aim, at least in theory, should be similar in both approaches (help to build a better world).
Finally, the concept of strategic autonomy, according to which the Union should be able to protect itself, respond to external shocks, and help others in situations of fragility to acquire needed security capabilities. This would be done without competing with regional security organizations such as NATO. On the contrary, it would allow the EU to develop complementary capabilities, needed in a more complex and dangerous international context, particularly in the European neighborhood.
The combination of these three concepts results in an ambitious but pragmatic Strategy, which deliberately avoids bombastic language on the EU integration process. Now, as the say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, that is, the question is to what extent the EU will, with the help of this Strategy, translate concepts into actions, words into deeds, in order to deal effectively with the external challenges it faces.


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