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  • 27 feb @SpainMFA * The first meetings of the committees created under the memorandums signed by #Spain and the #UK on #Gibraltar were…
  • 27 feb @SpainMFA * To celebrate the National Day of #Spain on October 12, the @BurjKhalifa building in #Dubai (the tallest in the worl…
  • 27 feb @SpainMFA * The @EmbEspEAU has a great diversity of nationalities, including Moroccan, Indian, Argentine, Canadian... Some of…
  • 27 feb @SpainMFA * Some ℹ️ about the @EmbEspEAU: ➡️ There are over 6,000 Spaniards registered there ➡️ In 2018 it issued 17,626 visas…
  • 27 feb @SpainMFA * 🇦🇪 Our new Embassy of the Month is the @EmbEspEAU! Opened in 1977, the current HQ has been operating since October…
  • 27 feb @SpainMFA * RT @SpainInTheUSA: 👩‍⚕️ #Spain leads the world Earth 🌎 in #healthcare. Along with Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, Spain's healthcare syste…
  • 27 feb @SpainMFA * RT @GlobalSpain: Did you know that the National Library of Spain🇪🇸 (@BNE_Biblioteca) has over 33 million items, including video games? Take…
  • 26 feb @SpainMFA * @AranchaGlezLaya @AllianceSahel @EmbEspMauritani FM @AranchaGlezLaya reiterated #Spain’s involvement in and commitm…
  • 26 feb @SpainMFA * 🇲🇷 🇪🇸 #Spain's Foreign Minister @AranchaGlezLaya has travelled to #Mauritania to attend the #G5Sahel Summit, the 1s…
  • 26 feb @SpainMFA * Until March 1, @feriademadrid is hosting the 39th edition of @FeriaArco 🖼️ #ARCOMadrid is one of the most importan…
  • 26 feb @SpainMFA * The 16 countries that make up the #Stockholm Initiative met on Tuesday in the German capital to approve the “…
  • 26 feb @SpainMFA * On the sidelines of the #GAC, #Spain's Secretary of State for the #EU Juan González-Barba took part in a…
  • 26 feb @SpainMFA * The Council of Ministers has authorised the exchange of diplomatic notes between #Spain🇪🇸 and #China🇨🇳 to create a…
  • 26 feb @SpainMFA * #OfficialStatement | Spain is satisfied with the approval in the #GAC of the mandate to negotiate future EU-UK rela…
  • 25 feb @SpainMFA * La ministre @AranchaGlezLaya s’est rendue à #Nouadhibou 🇲🇷 pour visiter le dispositif conjoint espagnol-mauritanien…


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