Sworn Translators-Interpreters

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has the authority to grant certification to Sworn Translator-Interpreters.

​This title empowers them to perform sworn translations and/or interpretations in a language other than Spanish to Spanish and vice versa throughout Spain.

Sworn translators/interpreters can certify, through their signature and corresponding stamp, that their actions are faithful and accurate, using the formula designed to that end by the ministerial department. Translations and interpretations from a foreign language to Spanish and vice versa made by sworn translators/interpreters are officially recognised.

With the aim of facilitating information to citizens, the Language Interpretation Office periodically draws up a list of all sworn translators/interpreters who have been designated as such by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, indicating the language(s) they have been empowered to translate/interpret. The latest update is available by clicking on this link and the instructions and application forms are available at the following link.


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