Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents a new instalment of the campaign ‘Spain for Sure’, starring international figures
  • Diego Simeone, Ara Malikian, Rebeca Grynspan, Peter Sisseck, Lucrecia, Wayne Griffiths and Caterina Biscari are the stars of this new instalment
  • The project is backed by the CEOE, the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands and Multinationals for the Spain Brand

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation has this morning presented a new instalment of the campaign ‘Spain for Sure’ at the Royal Theatre, as part of its strategy to boost the country’s reputation, implemented through Global Spain.

Unlike the first part of the campaign – which involved the participation of world-renowned Spaniards such as Rafa Nadal, Isabel Coixet, José Andrés and Pau Gasol, among others – the new set of videos star foreign personalities that live in Spain and who explain first-hand, what our country offers to those who wish to work, study, invest and enjoy its quality of life.

At the presentation, hosted by the journalist Carlos Franganillo, some of its leading figures took part, such as the Secretary-General of the SEGIB, Rebeca Grynspan, the singer Lucrecia and the Director of the Alba Synchrotron Particle Accelerator, Caterina Biscari.

A campaign to boost national and international confidence

The campaign launched today seeks to strengthen international confidence and the self-confidence of the Spanish people, and hence includes foreigners who live in Spain and who have developed part of their career in our country.

It is noteworthy that, over the last decade, the people of Spain have valued ourselves lower than how the rest of the world value us, and hence we are the first people who can improve the perception of our country and thus attract the attention of foreigners.

Although this trend has started to be corrected, the level of national self-esteem in Spain continues to be way below that of such nations as the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom, which can be seen in the latest report entitled “The image of Spain in the world’, drawn up by the Elcano Royal Institute and Reputation Institute, for which 30,000 people from 20 countries were interviewed.

According to this and other similar reports, Spain’s international reputation remains strong and has barely been affected by the pandemic, thanks to such structural pillars as the language, culture and professionalism of the Spanish people.

Leading figures from the world of culture, science, business and sport

The new instalment of ‘Spain for Sure’ bears the hallmark of Manu Cavanilles, a creative member of the Presidency of the Government, and is made up of seven individual videos, one for each participating international star. Each video was also shot with its own pre-established script and represents one of the dimensions of the reputation of our country that Global Spain seeks to boost.

The Costa Rican Secretary-General of the SEGIB, Rebeca Grynspan, with its headquarters in our country, reflects on Spain’s position in the field of international relations; the Danish wine producer and businessman Peter Sisseck, who has taken Spanish wine to the top of the world, reminds us of the excellence of our gastronomy and the tenacity of our business fabric; the Cuban singer Lucrecia is synonymous with joy, art and solidarity; the Argentinian trainer of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Simeone, the finest reflection of sporting success; the Italian physicist Caterina Biscari, a global reference in particle acceleration, is an example of the power of women in Spanish science; the Chairman of SEAT and CUPRA, Wayne Griffiths from the United Kingdom, demonstrates the incredible strength of Spanish multinationals, and lastly, diversity and culture are personified in Ara Malikian – the great Lebanese violinist of Armenian descent, acclaimed throughout the world.

The different videos have been shot in emblematic locations for their stars and for Spain, such as the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, the City of Arts and Science of Valencia, the Miró Foundation in Barcelona, the installations of the Alba Synchrotron Particle Accelerator in Barcelona and the Dominio de Pingus vineyards in Ribera del Duero, among others.

You can see a summary of the campaign at the following link

Public-private commitment to Spain’s image

‘Spain for Sure’ is the result of public-private collaboration promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation through Global Spain, together with the CEOE, the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands and, on this occasion, the Multinationals for the Spain Brand association.

From today until the summer, it will also be backed by RTVE, AENA, ADIF and Iberia to guarantee its presence on television, the radio, at airports, on trains and planes, with particular attention to points of international connectivity.








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