Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches “Global Spaniards, local heroes” campaign

Via the State Secretary for Global Spain (Spanish acronym: SEEG), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation is launching its “Global Spaniards, local heroes” campaign with which it seeks to highlight the work of many “anonymous” Spaniards during the pandemic crisis that has led many of them to get directly involved in alleviating the situation caused by COVID-19 in the countries where they live. 

With 60% of these Spaniards living in America, 36% in Europe, 2% in Asia and 1% in both Africa and Oceania, the SEEG has set itself the goal of better connecting Spain with its Spanish community overseas and boosting mutual support. 

This is a priority task for the Special Ambassador for the Global Spanish Community, a new post created by the SEEG aimed at identifying, stimulating, connecting, supporting, highlighting and listening to all those Spaniards in the fields of business and academia, the international public sector, overseas cooperation and civil society, communication, culture and sport.

The “Global Spaniards, local heroes” campaign will focus on all these areas as it seeks to raise the profile of these Spaniards overseas through content being launched today by the ministerial department via its social media profiles and its YouTube channel.

The campaign identifies the profiles of “stand-out” citizens in various fields who share their work overseas to combat the pandemic and its tragic consequences. 

Laura Andújar, an ER nurse from Madrid, is one such person. She has formed part of the Spanish Technical Aid Response Team and taken part in missions in developing countries with NGOs. Laura Andújar travelled to Mauritania with a group of healthcare professionals dispatched by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (Spanish acronym: AECID) to help the health authorities of Mauritania in improving their pandemic prevention system and the care provided to those affected.

José Luis Pimentel Bolaños, General Coordinator of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation in Peru, is another of the profiles being highlighted by this campaign. Peru is one of the countries hardest hit by COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation supports efforts by the Peruvian government in the country to curb the pandemic and improve services to the most vulnerable for combating its consequences, not only in the field of health but also in terms of basic living conditions.


These are just two examples of many other profiles representing the 2.6 million Spaniards around the world, whose work and daily dedication are helping to build solid relations between Spain and its overseas community, something that the SEEG believes to be enormously useful not only for Spanish overseas action but also for tackling the challenges faced by the country. 



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