Ministry of Foreign Affairs has arranged close to 60 flights to speed up return of Spaniards since restrictions imposed due to COVID-19
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation has directly arranged as many as 60 flights to speed up the return of those Spaniards and other EU nationals that expressed their interest to their embassies or consular offices in returning to Spain following the harsh restrictions imposed by all countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On these flights alone, and with three more pending from Argentina and two from Colombia, close to 12,000 Spaniards will have managed to get back home, in addition to the figure of well in excess of 28,000 travellers assisted since the start of the pandemic by the network of Spanish embassies and consular offices.

This is an historic figure, that has been raised in recent days by the special flights which, although not all chartered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have seen the active participation of the embassies and consular offices in the organisation and coordination with local authorities (applying for authorisations to operate and transfer passengers); airlines (obtaining licences and locations to operate from), and passengers (issue of safe conduct passes as and when necessary).

Meanwhile, the international situation is beginning to gradually ease up for those passengers that wish to return to Spain. In the case of Europe, the number of connections has increased significantly since the start of June, and most land connections are now open. However, it is necessary to obtain information from the network of Spanish embassies and consular offices as mobility authorisations may be required in certain circumstances.

In North America, a daily flight operates from Dallas in the United States to Madrid, and weekly flights will begin to operate from New York and Miami as from 15 June.

In South America, where the largest concentration of Spaniards can be found since the start of the pandemic, the situation is also tending to gradually ease up, which has led to the operation of four flights to bring Spaniards home from Argentina in recent days. 15 flights have operated in total since the month of March.
There will also be a weekly flight operating between Santiago de Chile and Madrid as from the second half of June, two weekly flights in July and three weekly flights in August. A further flight left Bolivia on Tuesday, 2 June, raising the number of Spaniards assisted by the Spanish Embassy in La Paz and Consulate in Santa Cruz de la Sierra to 541.

Including the two additional flights scheduled for the coming days, 700 more passengers will return from Colombia, raising the total figure to seven flights that the Spanish embassy and consulate have arranged, and more than 2,000 passengers assisted by the Spanish public servants posted to Bogota since the start of the pandemic.

Two more ferries have left Morocco this week and another two are scheduled for 10 and 11 June. Including these, a total of 12,000 travellers will have been assisted by the Spanish consular services since the start of the pandemic.

While in Asia there is no great tension as European operations are scheduled that the half a dozen Spaniards located in the region could get on, they have not declared any great rush to return home.

The network of Spanish embassies and consular offices abroad, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation maintains all channels open to provide information to all those Spaniards who wish to return to Spain and that are having difficulties managing to do so.



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