Ministry of Foreign Affairs to arrange arrival of a dozen flights from Latin America before end of May

​The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation is arranging the arrival of a dozen flights from different Latin American countries to help a large group of Spaniards get back who have expressed their interest in returning to Spain.


The different arrangements made by both the ministerial department and the network of Spanish embassies and consular offices will lead to six flights leaving from Argentina, two from Colombia (a third flight may be added on a date yet to be determined), two from the Dominican Republic, one from Venezuela and another from Uruguay (chartered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to Spain before 31 May.

In addition to these flights, another plane chartered by a travel agency will fly out of Bolivia, which will hence travel under normal commercial conditions, scheduled for 31 May; and another from Peru operated by KLM and scheduled for 25 May (24 Spaniards arrived from Lima on Thursday on an Air France flight). 

It is also worth mentioning that a Balearia ferry left Tangier bound for Spain today with 711 passengers on-board, including Spanish citizens and Moroccan citizens resident in Spain. Another two ferries will complete the return of Spaniards and residents on 28 May and 4 June.

After the closure of the repatriation phase, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, together with the network of Spanish embassies and consular offices, has stepped up its dealings with the local authorities in different countries where Spaniards have now expressed an interest in travelling back to Spain, to arrange their return once certain airlines start to resume flights.

Arrangements are being made on two different fronts: contact with transport operators to convey the demand from Spanish citizens who wish to return and contact with local authorities to arrange authorisations so that airlines can perform these operations. Furthermore, the embassies and consular offices analyse each case individually to arrange the necessary safe conduct passes that are necessary to travel within the country where they want to travel to Spain from.

The Spanish embassies and consular offices are now working hard to provide assistance to those Spaniards that wish to return for whom a tentative commercial offer is starting to exist. In fact, connections with Asia are starting to be arranged after such airlines as Qatar Airways began to operate direct flights from 20 May to Madrid and Barcelona. 
Other airlines plan to follow this commercial policy in the first week of June, which will considerably increase the offer of flights that already exist from Germany (Lufthansa will fly to six Spanish cities as from 3 June), Switzerland (flights from Zurich to Barcelona and Malaga) and Italy (flights will be resumed between Rome and Madrid as from 2 June).

Iberia flights from the United States will begin to return to normal in July, although there are other airlines that directly fly, for example, from Dallas; while a tentative offer of commercial flights is beginning to be made available by travel agencies and, on a one-off basis, by airlines, from Latin America.

After more than 50 flights have been chartered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and more than 27,000 Spaniards helped home, the network of Spanish embassies and consular offices still has all its communications channels open to offer a response to all those Spaniards seeking alternatives to travel to Spain while restrictions still exist as a result of COVID-19.



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