The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation implements a new system of management by objectives and compliance assessment

​The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation has approved the establishment of a new system of management by objectives and compliance assessment for its personnel, aimed at improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of its work. The implementation of this model will bring together the management of our External Service and that of the External Services of neighbouring countries, as well as the European External Action Service


This new tool will be used to promote better compliance with the strategic objectives of the Ministry, to guide the training plans aimed at improving the performance of duties assigned to the personnel and to facilitate the optimum allocation of human, material and financial resources of the different units.

The new system of management by objectives and compliance assessment will be applied, in a first stage, to civil servants and temporary personnel holding high-level positions in the Ministry (levels 28 or above in central services and Chancellor positions or above in external offices). It will also be applied to employees holding management positions, regardless if they provide services in central or external services, and to those persons who are not civil servants but hold a senior executive position and a Directorate General in the Ministry, a Diplomatic Mission Leadership or a Permanent Representation Leadership.

The Office of Management by Objectives and Assessment, which is expected to be created shortly, will adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the correct operation of the system and will regularly propose the required changes for their eventual enhancement and gradual implementation to the rest of the Ministry’s personnel.

The cycle of the management by objectives will be annual. It will begin in November with the assignment of the objectives and competencies to all personnel. In any case, the objectives must be in line with the priorities and objectives established in the External Action Strategy, the annual External Action Reports and, where applicable, the letters of instruction received by the Leadership of a Diplomatic Mission or a Permanent Representation. Competences and performances associated with each of them will be included in a catalogue, which will be regularly revised.

Follow-up interviews will be conducted in May of the following year, and self-assessments and assessment interviews will be carried out in November of the following year, i.e. a year after the beginning of the cycle. These last interviews will also serve to assign objectives and competencies for the next 360º evaluation cycle. In parallel, the performance of the employee’s competencies will be also assessed in November by persons who work under their direct responsibility, as well as by those persons who hold the same level of responsibility and share the management of matters related to the relevant responsibility areas.

Personnel who will be subject to the new system are expected to be adequately trained in the next months in order to know how it operates. The first cycle of the management by objectives will start in November 2019 with the assignment of objectives and competencies. Formal follow-up interviews will be conducted in May 2020 and self-assessments and the final phase of the assessment will be conducted in November 2020.

This system will be developed in parallel and in addition to the adoption of a new Ethic code of conduct for the personnel, to the implementation of practical mechanisms for personal, family and work balance, and to the promotion of a higher digitization of daily work. As a matter of fact, the assessment questionnaires will be filled by means of a computer application.

The instructions for the implementation of the system have been developed for the last months by means of a participatory process involving the main units of the Ministry and the most representative trade unions, as well as experts of the INAP (National Institute of Public Administration). In defining the model, the contributions of the Association of Spanish Diplomats (ADE), the Association of Spanish Women Diplomats (AMDE) and the civil servants who voluntarily participated in the consultation process opened at the end of last April have been considered. 





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