Meeting of the Lima Group in Mexico

​Upon invitation of Mexico, the State Secretary for International Cooperation for Ibero-America and the Caribbean (SECIPIC), has participated today, on behalf of Spain, in the meeting of ministers of Foreign Affairs and Finance of the Lima Group held in the Mexican capital


Spain is following with great concern the situation of institutional, economic and social deterioration in Venezuela and, as it has been doing since the outbreak of the crisis, it still believes in a peaceful, democratic and negotiated solution between the Venezuelan people, within the framework of the State of Law.

We believe that the international community must be responsible for contributing towards the achievement of this solution; it is therefore extremely important to reinforce the coordination of efforts between the different stakeholders which share this aspiration and, specifically, with the region's stakeholders. We therefore appreciate the chance we have had to participate in this meeting.
We are aware of the major leadership exercised by the Lima Group when placing the international community spotlight on the Venezuelan crisis, and when drafting suggestions for searching a solution to the crisis.

In line with the abovementioned statement by the High Representative of the EU on 19 April, we appeal to the Government of Venezuela to organise an electoral process which guarantees that free, transparent and trustworthy elections are held. This requires verification of the following conditions: participation of all political parties and all candidates under the principle of equal opportunity; a balanced structure of the National Electoral Council, which guarantees its impartiality; a realistic electoral calendar which is agreed between the different political parties; the implementation of independent international observation missions; as well as all technical guarantees required by international standards. The electoral process for the 20-M, under its current terms, does not fulfil said conditions.

Regarding the serious humanitarian situation in Venezuela and the migration impact of same, Spain has been developing since 2017 certain actions for assisting those affected by said phenomenon, in coordination with several multilateral agencies and NGOs. The resources we have allocated for this purpose so far come up to more than 2,000,000 euros. Spain is analysing new modalities for extending our humanitarian assistance, especially in the health sector.

Spain will continue to work, both bilaterally and on a multilateral basis, and especially in the framework of the European Union, for ensuring that the constitutional powers of the Venezuelan institutions and, specifically, those of the National Assembly, are respected. We also state the appropriateness of continuing with the exchange of financial information, pursuant to the international standards, in order to prevent any type of illicit financing.





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