• 26.03.2015. The government of Spain strongly condemns the attacks carried out in the last few days against President Hadi and the Yemeni legitimate institutions.
  • 23.03.2015.

    The Government of Spain has received with profound grief the news of the death of Lee Kuan Yew, who was the first chief executive of Singapore, and pays homage to this state leader who, throughout a long period as prime minister, from 1959 to 1990, managed to gain the adhesion of Singapore’s citizens and the respect of its international partners.

  • 22.03.2015.

    The governments of Spain, Germany, United States, France, Italy and United Kingdom welcome renewed political dialogue about Libya in Sjirat, Morocco.

  • 21.03.2015.

    The government of Spain expresses its most emphatic disgust and condemnation of the heinous terrorist attack that took the lives of dozens of people, including children, in the Kurdish city of Hasaka (Syria).

  • 20.03.2015.

    The government of Spain hails the naming of Luis Almagro as the new Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS). Mr. Almagro's notable career and experience in issues of international importance while serving as Uruguay's  Minister of Foreign Affairs are values that without a doubt will support him in taking on this new role, in which he can always count on Spain's collaboration.


  • 30 Mar @MAECgob * Viajar con niños puede ser toda una aventura. Supervisa todo lo necesario y no olvides consultar #ViajaSeguroMAEC.
  • 30 Mar @MAECgob * ¿Conoces @ReddeCasas? Hablamos de la nueva red de #diplomaciaPublica en "Miradas al Exterior", #podcast @radio5_rne:
  • 30 Mar @MAECgob * ¿Cómo votar desde el extranjero? Te lo explicamos aquí: #Elecciones2015
  • 30 Mar @MAECgob * Ya está disponible la #agenda del ministro García-Margallo con las actividades más destacadas para los próximos días:
  • 30 Mar @MAECgob * RT @SpainUN: #Margallo participa debate abierto #CSNU: Las víctimas de ataques por razones étnicas o religiosas en #OrienteMedio. http://t.…
  • 30 Mar @MAECgob * Ministro García-Margallo pide que no se identifique Islam con yihadismo y llama a la necesidad de acción conjunta:
  • 30 Mar @MAECgob * #España propone en la #ONU nuevas medidas para luchar contra el extremismo violento: #EspañaCSNU2015
  • 29 Mar @MAECgob * Actividad del #ConsejoSeguridadONU del 19 al 26 de marzo y actividades previstas para la próxima semana:
  • 29 Mar @MAECgob * Reforma del Consejo de Seguridad de #NacionesUnidas: documento del grupo Unidos por el Consenso:
  • 27 Mar @MAECgob * Celebramos una gran noticia: entra en vigor el convenio #España-#Rusia de #adopciónInternacional:
  • 27 Mar @MAECgob * Condenamos los ataques dirigidos en los últimos días contra el Presidente Hadi y las instituciones legítimas de #Yemen. Instamos al diálogo
  • 27 Mar @MAECgob * RT @SpainUN: .@ValerieAmos presenta su informe sobre la pavorosa situación humanitaria en #Siria.
  • 27 Mar @MAECgob * RT @SpainUN: #CSNU extiende el mandato de @MONUSCO #DRC.
  • 27 Mar @MAECgob * #CSNU analiza la situación humanitaria en #Siria antes de la 3ª Conferencia Internacional de Donantes #EspañaCSNU2015
  • 26 Mar @MAECgob * Nueva actualización de nuestro boletín de #empleo en organismos internacionales: #FuncionarioInternacional




  • Spain's Cultural Visibility Spain's Cultural Visibility

    In developing Spain's foreign policy, cultural policies play a strategic role, boosted by our country's rich cultural and artistic heritage, and by a language that is the second most-spoken in the world, as reflected by an ever-growing demand for studying Spanish...

  • Humanitarian ActionHumanitarian Action

    One of AECID's goals is to contribute to saving lives and mitigating the suffering of victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters, by meeting their basic needs...

  • Terrorism Terrorism

    Thousands of innocent people died in the heinous attacks of 11 September 2001 in New York, 11 March 2004 in Madrid, and 7 July 2005 in London, planned and perpetrated by the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. For some, these crimes marked a turning point...

  • Asia and the Pacific Asia and the Pacific

    The rise of Asia is a phenomenon of historic proportions, which is defining our era in a decisive way. To the extent that the world's most populous continent is becoming more industrialized, gaining greater economic weight, and advancing on the path of modernization, a new period has opened up...

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