Under-Secretariat for Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation
Among other responsibilities, the management and coordination of the Ministry’s common services correspond to this body.

It is responsible for the preparation, processing, monitoring and depositing of the international treaties to which Spain is a party; the selection and training of civil servants of the Diplomatic Corps and the Body of Translators and Interpreters; the formulation and execution of Spanish foreign policy in terms of immigration, protecting Spaniards overseas, managing emergency and crisis situations that affect Spaniards abroad, and the monitoring of the work of Spanish consular offices.


The Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation is Ángeles Moreno Bau. Born in Madrid in 1968, she holds Degree in Law and studies in Sociology from the American University in Cairo and in International Law from the University of Vienna. She has been a diplomat since 1994. She has worked in the embassies in Mexico, Sierra Leone, Cairo, Panama and Moscow. She has served as Ambassador-at-Large for Energy Issues. She has also been Deputy Assistant Director-General of International Cooperation and Cultural Promotion.
In the Ministry of the Interior she was Director-General of International Relations and Deputy Director-General of International Relations and Immigration. She also served as Director of the Cabinet of the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Government and as Director of the Cabinet of the State Secretary of Defence. Her role prior to this appointment was as Deputy Consul in the Spanish Embassy in London.


Five governing bodies are dependent on the Under-Secretariat:


General Technical Secretariat

This body is responsible for the processing of the Department’s provisions and administrative proceedings in the Official State Gazette; for the directing and coordinating of the publication and distribution of publications; for the management of the library, documentation and general archive services; for exercising functions attributed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation with regards to translations, the granting of Sworn Translator-Interpreter titles and the management of the register of these professionals. 

The General Technical Secretary is José María Muriel Palomino. Born in Cordoba in 1964, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and joined the Diplomatic Service in 1990. He was a legal counsel in the European Court of Justice and has been appointed to the Spanish diplomatic representations to the European Union, the United States and Canada. He was Consul-General of Spain in Hannover and consultant member in the Cabinet of the President of the Government. In 2011 he was appointed as counsellor-head of the Justice and Domestic Affairs and Human Rights Team in the Delegation of the European Union to the United States in Washington, and from January 2017 he was Ambassador-at-Large for Human Rights, Democracy and State of Law.

Directorate-General for External Service

This body is responsible for the management of human resources, internal systems, economic and financial management, works and furnishings, and control of the ICT management, planning and assistance and communications. 

The Director-General is Alejandro Polanco Mata. Born in Madrid in 1959, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and joined the Diplomatic Service in 1987. He has been posted to Spanish diplomatic representations in Austria, Slovenia and Rabat. He was Deputy Director-General of personnel in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2004 he was appointed Ambassador in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and in 2009, Director-General of Fishery Resources and Aquaculture in the Ministry of Environmental, Rural and Marine Affairs. He was Secretary General and trustee of the US-Spain Council Foundation and, from 2013 he was Ambassador for Spain in the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria.


Directorate-General for Spaniards Overseas and of Consular Affairs  

This body is responsible for the coordination and supervision of all actions of the Spanish consular offices with the management of all the services that the General State Administration provides abroad. It also prepares policy relating to the protection of, and assistance for, Spanish citizens abroad.

The Director-General is Juan Duarte Cuadrado. Born in Madrid, in 1967, he holds a Degree in Law and higher studies in music. He has been a diplomat since 1994. He has been head of the Consular Actions Service, Deputy Head of the Spanish Embassy in Addis Ababa, Deputy Head of the Spanish Embassy in Bratislava, Head of the Area of Cultural Programmes and Agreements in the State Secretariat for Cooperation and Ibero-America, Consul of Spain in Paris, Director of the Human Rights Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Cultural Counsellor in the Spanish Embassy in Colombia, Cultural Counsellor in the Spanish Embassy in the Argentine Republic, and Political Counsellor, responsible for EU matters, in the Spanish Embassy in London.


Directorate-General for Communication and Diplomatic Information
This body is responsible for creating the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation's communication strategy and as acting as the Ministry's official spokesperson. Likewise, it coordinates and plans the communication tasks of the State Secretaries, Directorate-Generals of the Ministry, Permanent Representations and Consular Offices of Spain. It also manages the design and content on the Ministry's web page and proposes and executes the social media strategy for the Department and Representations of Spain abroad.

Its Director-General is Amador Sánchez Rico. He holds a Degree in Law from the Universidad del País Vasco and University of Montpellier (Erasmus). He also holds a Master’s Degree in International and European Law from the Université Catholique de Louvain. A civil servant within the European External Action Service, he has been Political Counsellor and worked in the Public Communication and Diplomacy Section in the Delegation of the European Union to Mexico, Political Counsellor in the Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations, Head of Geographic Coordination Unit for West Africa in the European Commission and spokesperson of the vice-presidency of the European Commission. Prior to his appointment, he was Deputy Head of the Human Rights Division of the European External Action Service in Brussels.

Introducer of Ambassadors
With the rank of Ambassador, they are responsible for preparing, coordinating and carrying out the official acts and ceremonies regarding State foreign policy that take place nationally and abroad, particularly the official overseas visits of Their Majesties the King and Queen and the visits by foreign Heads of State.

The Introducer of Ambassadors is Caridad Batalla Junco. She holds a Degree in Information Science and became a diplomat in 1992. She has held the following positions: Head of Trips and Visits, Deputy Director-General of Foreign Cultural Action, Consul in Caracas, Counsellor in the Permanent Mission of Spain to the United Nations in New York, Protocol and Communication Advisor in the Royal House of Qatar, Deputy Director-General of European Affairs in the Ministry of Justice, International Affairs Advisor in the Ministry of Defence, Head of the Cabinet of the Minister for Housing and Counsellor in the Spanish Embassy in Paris. Her most recent post was Spanish Ambassador in Cape Verde.



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