The European Union
The European Union is an organization open to the world, based on the common values of freedom, democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights. Its strategic aims include the consolidation of a stable and united democratic Europe, which speaks with its own voice on the international scene. The EU's responsibilities and influence in the world are steadily growing, in consonance with its economic, commercial and diplomatic importance: it is the world's number-one trading power, with a currency of reference, as well as the leading donor of humanitarian aid.
The strength and size of the European Single Market, its economic and social cohesion, the success of its integration, and the rights and freedoms enjoyed by its citizens—all are Europe's hallmarks for the world to see. Consolidating all of this, and continuing to advance in overcoming our common problems, is the ongoing challenge of all the people and States in the EU.

For Spain, European integration is uniquely important, as the keystone of our foreign policy and a synonym for greater prosperity and security for all our citizens. Today, Spain is one of biggest countries on the continent—in terms of population as well as GDP—and relies on the EU as a preferential vehicle for its integration within a globalised world.
  • Spain and the European Union
    The arrival of democracy paved Spain's way towards Europe.  In 1977, Foreign Minister Marcelino Oreja officially presented in Brussels Spain's application for accession to the European Economic Community, and Spain was officially integrated into the EEC on 1 January 1986. Since then, Spain has seen huge economic, social and political transformations, among other reasons due to the major impact of cohesion and structural funds, which jump-started the development of Spanish regions.
  • Towards a Genuine Economic and Monetary Union
    More economic and financial integration. This is the EU's goal for the 332 million people who share the euro—the currency which has mitigated the impact of the financial crisis. Its pillars are the integration of financial, budgetary and economic policy, as well as democratic legitimacy in decision-making.
  • Common Foreign and Security Policy
    The European Union has a Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) which enables it to act and speak with its own voice on the international scene. At the outset, the CFSP was simply a mechanism for harmonising the different countries' foreign policies. Subsequently, thanks to the 1997 Maastricht Treaty, it became part of the community acquis. The CFSP became consolidated with the 2009 Lisbon Treaty.
  • The European Construction Process
    European construction is a unique experience in the world. In what is, historically, a very short time, the States of Europe have moved from division and war to sharing a political, economic and social framework, and even a single currency, the euro. This has been an extraordinary experience—recognised internationally with the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize—but it has been overshadowed by the severe economic crisis that hit the eurozone countries and the rest of the EU.
  • Espacio de Libertad, Seguridad y Justicia

    ​Uno de los objetivos de la Unión Europea que mayor atención requiere en la actualidad es el conocido como Espacio de Libertad, Seguridad y Justicia. Se proyecta sobre ejes centrales de la vida ciudadana como son el orden penal, la jurisdicción de jueces y tribunales, la labor de las fuerzas de política o las políticas de asilo e inmigración. ​

  • Políticas comunes de la Unión Europea

    ​A lo largo de los años, la Unión ha puesto en marcha una serie de políticas para desarrollar el mercado único. Estas políticas constituyen líneas de actuación que la Unión decide seguir en determinados ámbitos, que afectan directamente a la vida de los ciudadanos y de las empresas con las que se pretende lograr los objetivos generales que se ha fijado la Unión. Agricultura, pesca, medio ambiente, sanidad, derechos de los consumidores, transporte, turismo, energía, industria, investigación, empleo, cultura, educación, deporte, entre otros, son ámbitos en los que la Unión tiene mucho que decir.


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