SPAIN arts & culture: Fall/Winter 2018
The Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain presents the Fall / Winter 2018 Spain arts & culture program, showcasing the best arts & culture from Spain this season in the United States. The cover design by illustrator Sonia Pulido is inspired by the idea of “Miradas Paralelas,” an exhibit that reveals the intersection of feminine perspectives across cultures.
Spain arts & culture is proud to highlight women as well as public artworks this season. Artist Blanca Muñoz exemplifies both of these goals with her metal sculptures in “Heavy Metal,” breaking tradition in a male-dominated industry. Other notable public works include Jorge Palacios’s public sculpture displays in New York, exploring the boundaries of science with his unique creations.
To further understand the historic relationship between Spain and the United States, “Recovered Memories” provides insight on the underrepresented story of Spanish aid to the United States during the American Revolutionary War. Additionally, the Heritage Artist-in-Residence Program in Las Palmas and New Orleans allows for artistic interaction between the United States and Spain with our second year of the residency exchange.
Spanish design and architecture will also be featured this season. “Balenciaga in Black” will demonstrate the versatility that the designer saw in this dark color. In New York, the architectural exhibition, “Unfinished,” brings to light the booming period of construction that left incomplete structures throughout the Spanish landscape, converting an otherwise bare space into an exposition of art.
Spanish literary works will be presented in festivals, book fairs, and more. “Translating Spanish Drama” will celebrate Spanish theater and theater translation within the American Literary Translators Association Conference.
Alongside traditional performing arts and music productions, we will bring to the US unique pieces by Spanish artists. In “Dominio Público,” Roger Bernat transforms a crowd in a public space into a work of art. Plus, diverse Spanish music will be shared with Americans across the continent, from Spanish Brass, a performance by five musicians, to Casa Limón NY Week, a music project by a Spanish-created record label company.
Teaming up with American organizations, Spain arts & culture will also present Mujeres de Cine, a film series with a focus on female Spanish directors. Finally, the Recent Spanish Cinema Series will continue to introduce current Spanish film directors to the American public.


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