Spain's Secretary of State for Trade travels to Japan to boost commercial and economic ties

​Jaime García-Legaz, the Secretary of State for Trade, has initiated a six day trip to Japan to strengthen economic and commercial relations between both countries within the context of the EU-Japan Free Trade Treaty, currently under negotiation.


During his stay, in which he will be visiting Tokyo and Kyoto, he will hold bilateral meetings with senior members of the Japanese Government, with authorities of some of the country's main banks, Japanese businesspeople and representatives of Spanish companies located in the country.


The Secretary of State will hold bilateral meetings with Norihiko Ishiguro, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Yasutoshi Nishimura, Deputy Economy Minister of the Cabinet, responsible for the country's Economic Revival Plan and chief negotiator of the Trans-Pacific Partnership; Issei Kitagawa, Deputy Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Yasumasa Nagamine, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and chief negotiator of the EU-Japan Free Trade Treaty, Midori Matsushima, Minister of Justice and Keiji Yamada, the Governor of Kyoto.


Within the financial scope, he will hold meetings with the Governor of Japan Bank for International Cooperation, the Governor of the Bank of Japan and the Chairman of Japan External Trade Organisation. 


On occasion of his visit, Jaime García-Legaz will inaugurate the Trade & Logistics Conference, with international investments and business opportunities in Spain as the central theme of his speech and he will equally attend the Spain Gourmet Fair organised by ICEX Spain Trade & Investment and the Spanish Economic and Trade Office in Tokyo. A monographic exhibition of high quality Spanish food and wines held annually in the capital of Japan. Forty-five food and wine Spanish companies will be participating in this fourteenth edition.


Finally, the Secretary of State will participate in the meeting of the Japan-Spain Business Cooperation Bilateral Committee organised by the Japanese and Spanish Chambers of Commerce.



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