Residing in Spain
Foreigners wishing to reside in Spain must have prior authorization to do so. Once said authorization has been obtained, it shall be necessary to obtain the corresponding visa allowing entry into Spain.

Residence in Spain can be temporary or permanent.
Temporary residence is the situation authorizing a stay in Spain for a period longer than 90 days and shorter than five years. Authorizations for a period not exceeding five years may be renewed regularly, at the request of the person concerned, depending on the circumstances leading to their issuance.
Initial authorization for temporary residence not involving a work permit shall be granted to foreigners who have sufficient means of subsistence for themselves and, when applicable, for their family members.
Current regulations set forth the procedure and requirements for obtaining an authorization for residence and work in Spain in order to engage in gainful activity, whether self-employed or as an employee.

Long-term residence is the situation authorizing indefinite residence and work in Spain, under the same conditions as Spaniards.
Foreigners who have been temporary residents in Spain for five uninterrupted years and meet the conditions established by regulation shall be entitled to long-term residence. Prior periods of uninterrupted residence in other Member States, as an EU Blue Card holder, shall be counted for the purpose of obtaining long-term residence. Residence shall be considered uninterrupted even if for holidays or other reasons established by regulation the foreigner has left national territory temporarily.
EU Citizens
Citizens of the European Union and their family members, provided that the latter travel with or meet said citizens, are subject to a specific legal system based on the rights recognized in the Treaties.


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