Notarial functions

The Consular Offices and Consular Sections of Spanish Embassies abroad are mandated to exercise notarial functions. The  procedures for the notarial actions that can be performed in this Consular Section are described below.

1. The notarial functions of Spain’s representations abroad
The Consular Offices and Consular Sections of Spanish Embassies abroad are mandated to exercise notarial functions. Any person, natural or legal, Spanish or otherwise, may present public documents to the Consular Affairs Officer of this Embassy, provided their residence or domicile is in Japan.
However, in general, the performance of notarial duties by the Consular Affairs Officer is not recognised as such by third States. This means that documents authorised by the Consular Affairs Officer of Spain’s Embassy in Tokyo, in the performance of  notarial functions, will usually have no effect in Japan. If you need to provide a notarised document that is to take effect in Japan, you should consult a Japanese notary. Therefore, these consular notarial functions are justified only when the object of the intervention is in Spain or in some way is relevant to legal-private situations related to Spain.
Spanish notarial deeds are mainly composed of the original documents and the copies of these originals that are issued for use by the persons who present them (these are generally known as true copies). The originals are retained in the Consular Office. The  first copy is issued after the deed has been signed.
If the first copy is lost  or damaged, you can request a second or subsequent copies. Such copies may be requested by the person(s) who issued the deed, by the person(s) who are entitled to benefit from it or by the person(s) who are otherwise entitled to do so, on payment of the corresponding fee.
In particular, Spanish law allows Consular Affairs Officers to act in the following circumstances:
-          The execution of notarial powers granted by Spanish nationals or foreigners when the object of the mandate is the performance in Spain, by the person thus mandated, of a legally valid action.
-          The execution of an open or closed will. In principle, this mandate can only be granted to the Consular Affairs Officer by Spanish citizens (Article 734 of the Civil Code). Foreign nationals wishing to bequeath property situated in Spain should preferably consult a local notary, who is the person qualified to determine this question, according to the law on wills and testaments.
-          The execution of any type of public document (deeds, contracts for the sale of real estate situated in Spain, etc.).
-          The  issuance of certificates (of presence, reference, reputation, deposit, etc.).
-          The provision of testimonies with respect to the authenticity of copies of documents, of signatures, etc.
In open wills, a true copy will only be issued after the death of the subject, until which occasion simple copies will be provided.
Notarial powers are granted for an indefinite period, unless the grantor indicates a specific duration. In any case, they can be revoked at any time before the Consular Affairs Officer responsible for notarial functions, or before any notary in Spain.
2. Issuance of notarial documents by the Embassy of Spain in Japan
If you need to make and issue a Spanish notarial document in Japan, you must complete the form below and submit it, together with a copy of your passport (and, if applicable, of your ID card, too), to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Spain in Japan, open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 14.00 to 15.00 p.m.
If you cannot come to the Embassy in person, you can send a scanned copy of the form, together with a copy of your passport and ID card to the following email address: If you do so, please indicate in the subject line “Notary Office”, the title of the document in question and the name of the person issuing it.
The consular officer who attends you or receives your message will examine the documents submitted and then give you an appointment to sign the document. If you wish the wording of the notarial document to reflect an invoice, please state this fact and send a copy of the invoice to the following email address:
On the day of the appointment, you should go to the Embassy at the stated time, with your identity document, your Spanish ID card and passport if you are a Spanish citizen, or your passport if you are a foreign national. If you are acting on behalf of a company or trading company, take into account that the notarial deeds executed by legal persons may be only be granted by a person who is authorised to act on behalf of the company. In addition to the documents required for individuals, you must provide in advance, at the time of making the request, the following documents to accredit your representative status:
•         A true copy of the company’s deed of incorporation, its inscription in the commercial register and/or the deed officialising your appointment.
•         A true copy of any subsequent deed concerning changes in the company that are to be recorded in the commercial register (such as changes of administrators, of registered office, corporate purpose, share capital, shareholders, etc.). 
Notarial documents are issued subject to payment of a fee that varies according to the type of document, the number of grantors and the number of pages on which the document is issued.




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