Consular Services in Tallinn

The Consular Section of the Embassy of Spain in Tallinn provides a range of consular services. Please check whether you need to request an appointment for the service you need.

​In this page (in Spanish), you can read about the services that the Consular Section provides for Spanish nationals. 


If you are a foreign citizen, the main consular services we provide are:


Foreigner Identification Number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero or NIE)

If you are a foreign citizen residing in Estonia and you wish to carry out certain operations with Spanish nationals or the Spanish Administration (eg buying property), you need to apply for a Foreigner Identification Number (also known as NIE, that stands for "Número de Identificación de Extranjeros").


To obtain it, you must apply for it in person at the Embassy of Spain in Tallinn. You do not need to request an appointment.


In order to apply for a NIE in the Embassy of Spain in Tallinn, you will need:


A filled-in EX-15 form. The form can be downloaded from this link or filled in directly at the Embassy. The form has to be presented in Spanish.

Passport or ID card. You should always present your original passport or national ID card if you are an EU citizen (with a signature and photograph on it). ID cards without a signature/photo or driving licenses will not be accepted as a means of identification. In case of all other citizens, you must present your original passport and Estonian residence permit.

Fee of 9,64 euros in cash (payment by cards is not accepted) 


After approximately 7 days, you will receive your NIE-certificate by e-mail. The NIE certificate and number are valid permanently.
NB! If you are a resident in Spain, or going there to live, work or study, it is compulsory to request the NIE in Spain.



If you are not a Spanish national or an EU/EEA national, you may need a visa to travel to Spain. Please bear in mind that the visa you request must comply with EU and Spanish national laws, and it must be consistent with the purpose of your journey to Spain. You can only apply for a visa in the Embassy of Spain in Tallinn if you are a resident in Estonia. Otherwise, you have to apply where you reside. Please bear in mind that some visas have long processing and appointment times. Plan in advance and apply for your visa in time.

For the exact information about documents and processing time, please contact: 


Notary public services

Consuls of Spain can act as Notaries, but do not provide a full range of Notary services. Owing to staff availability and workload in the Consular Section, Notary public services have long waiting lists. Notarial services are provided by appointment only. Please bear in mind that the subject of the notarial document must be related to Spain. If it is not the case (eg. business or real estate in Estonia), the document must be provided by an Estonian Notary. 
The Embassy authorizes notarial documents, but does not offer legal advice. If you need legal advice or are uncertain about the document you need, contact a Spanish Notary or Lawyer. If you need an English-speaking lawyer in Spain, you can refer to the Bar Association (Colegio de Abogados) in your province, island or region. You can also ask your Embassy in Madrid to provide you with a list of English-speaking lawyers.
In order for your case to be studied by the Consul, please submit a request for an appointment, along with the notarial document you need, to
The Consular Section will get back to you, asking for further information. If you do not speak enough Spanish to understand the document that will be read to you, you will need the services of an interpreter. You will also need a lawyer or notary in Spain to provide you with a model in Spanish ("minuta") of the notarial document you need.
If you are buying property in Spain and you need any notarial documents (eg, a PoA or Power Of Attorney), it is easier, convenient and cheaper to get it done by a Notary in Spain. Many speak English and will offer advice. You can use the European Directory of Notaries search engine. You can also contact the Official Notary Association (website in Spanish).
All notarial services in the Embassy are subject to a fee.


Criminal record certificates

Certain authorities or private companies (eg. for visas or for certain employments) may request a Criminal record Certificate ("Certificado de Antecedentes Penales"). This certificate is not issued by the Embassy of Spain, but by the Ministry of Justice of Spain.

Please bear in mind that in order for the certificate to be recognized by Estonian authorities it should have the Universal Legalization or The Hague Apostille. Please refer to this link in order to request a criminal record certificate.

For any other question, please check the Embassy page in Spanish or Estonian, or contact Embassy (




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