All passengers (including children of any age) departing from Singapore will have to the fill the Spain travel Health form out 48 hours prior departure. This action will generate a QR code that will be presented at the Health Control of the airport of arrival in Spain.

You can download the form in the following link:​


Passengers departing from Singapore will have to provide any of the following:


  • Vaccination certificate
  • Negative PCR test (performed within the last 48 hours before entering to Spain)
  • Medical certificate of recovery from COVID-19
​Children under 12 years old will be exempted of this requisite.



You can find more information with the link below:

There are tw​o options to enter Spain from Singapore: A) VTL (Vaccinated Travel Lane) y B) Safe Travel Lane
From 19th October onwards, fully vaccinated travellers who are short-term visitors (including business and official travellers), or holders of Long-Term Passes (i.e. Long-Term Visit Pass, Student’s Pass, Work Pass or Dependant’s Pass) travelling from Spain or any other VTL category country can apply to enter Singapore under the VTL (Vaccinated Travel Lane) scheme. In order to do so, travellers must submit a VTP (Vaccinated Travel Pass) application.
Travellers must be fully vaccinated and have a valid proof of vaccination issued in any VTL country/region or Singapore, regardless of which VTL country/region they depart from.  Unvaccinated children aged 12 and below in the calendar year will be eligible to enter Singapore on the VTL. They are not required to apply for a VTP. However, they must comply with all other VTL conditions and be accompanied by a fully vaccinated VTL traveller.
Applications for a VTP must be made between 7 and 30 calendar days prior to their intended date of entry into Singapore. There will be no charge for each application. VTL travellers must have only been to one or more of the VTL countries/regions and/or Singapore, in the last 14 consecutive days before departing for Singapore.
Please find all the VTL requirements and application procedures in the following link to ICA’s website:
Travellers with a travel history to Spain within the last 14 days before arrival in Singapore must apply for an entry permit (except for Singaporeans or PRs) and comply with the prevailing travel health control measures. Please find further information in the following link:
From 7th October onwards, Spain is included in category II countries, which makes mandatory to ​travellers with trip origin in Spain to fulfill the following requirements in order to enter Singapore:
·Travelers employer must apply and obtain approval permit from Singapore Authorities to enter the country
·Adults must be fully vaccinated (please find vaccination requirements here:
· Travelers aged above 3 years old must take a COVID-19 PCR test within 48 hours before departure
·Serve a 7-day quarantine (SHN), there are two options:
1.      Place of residence or suitable accommodation (e.g. hotel or serviced apartment)
2.      SHN-dedicated hotel, sourced by the traveller
·COVID-19 PCR test at the 6th day of the SHN
All expenses are to be borne by the traveller, including COVID treatment in Singapore, therefore a health insurance covering these issues is required.​
Travelers recently diagnosed with COVID-19 infection should postpone their travel to Singapore until at least 21 days after the date of their first positive COVID-19 PCR test. Anyone with a recent diagnosis of COVID-19 in the past 21 days will be denied boarding on flights bound for Singapore and may be turned away at the land and sea checkpoints.
Please find all the updated regulations to enter Singapore in the following link:


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