NIE - Foreigners' Identity Number

​N.I.E. Information & Instructions

A “NIE”, acronym of  “Número de Identificación de Extranjero (Foreign Identification Number)” in Spain, is a unique and permanent number (lifelong) and identifies you as a registered foreigner –resident or non resident - before any public or private body. In general, you will need a NIE for conducting operations in relationship with public or private procedures: contracts, banking, property sale, access to any educational, commercial or administrative services, notaries, etc..

If you are a resident in Singapore (PR, DP, EP, SP, etc.) you can request a NIE number at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Spain in Singapore.

Applications for NIE:

-Opening hours:  Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 13 h (walk in). No appointment  given.

-Forms: Please fill in 

1) EX-15 Form​ (provided/admitted only in Spanish language version) in order to apply for a N.I.E.
English Instructions to complete EX-15 Form here.

2) 790/012 Form (only available in spanish language) in order to pay fee.
When entering  website, it offers to you one option (left document on the screen). Clicking on "Rellenar formulario y descargar" you will get the form for filling in (click here for help) and follow the instructions in order to get a printed/registered copy of the form (with bar-code) and bring it to the Embassy. The printed form is only valid for one NIE applicant. If there are several applicants, you need to restart the process again and print a new bar-coded document.

-Fee: Cash payment in Singapore Dollars only (exact or small change): 14.60 SGD.

-Accompanying documents:  With your application form you have to present your  passport (original and photocopy).

Kindly present originals for check up.
Kindly note that this Embassy does not provide photocopier service.

-Processing time: one to two weeks.

-Procedure: The Embassy  will email your application to the Police Department in Spain. Police Department will reply with your NIE Certificate to the Embassy . The NIE Certificate is an attached PDF document – there is not any “original” document, only a soft copy – and this document will be forwarded to you by email, so you do not need to collect any document at the Embassy. This document can be printed or transmitted by electronic means at anytime.


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