Requirements to apply for a Schengen Visa
Saudi citizens need a visa to enter and stay in Spain for a maximum of 90 days during any 180 days period. It is also necessary that they meet all the requirements to enter in the Schengen area.
1. Application form (original document) duly completed with 2 recent photos in colour, size 3x4cm, featuring a frontal view and with white background.
2. Passport valid for at least three months after the date of leaving the Schengen area. It is necessary to submit a copy (A4 size) of the page including the biographical data and, when applicable, a copy of any old Schengen visa issued. Passport shall contain at least two blank pages.
3. Copy of the flight tickets or booking including return journey.
4. Documents proving sufficient means of subsistence available in order to enter Spain:
A) Saudi nationals: Updated bank statements of the last three months (bearing the stamp of the Bank) or a credit card valid for the intended stay. Bank letters or statements printed via Internet won´t be accepted. When the applicant is a dependent, the responsible relative (parents, spouse or children) will have to prove his/her own financial resources by submitting these documents.
B) Non Saudi nationals: Updated bank statements of the last six months (bearing the stamp of the Bank), valid credit card, salary of the last months, etc. . Bank letters or statements printed via Internet won´t be accepted. When the applicant is a dependent, the responsible relative (parents, spouse or children) will have to prove his/her own financial resources by submitting these documents.
5. When the applicant is a minor, in the event of travelling alone or accompanied just by one of the parents, it will be necessary to submit and authorization to travel signed by the person exercising parental authority or legal guardianship (original document) as well as family card/family iqama and copy of the passport(s).
6. Medical travel insurance valid for all the Schengen States with a minimum coverage limit of €30,000 for the entire duration of the trip to cover any expense which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment.
7. Visa fee when not exempt.
8. Documents supporting the purpose of the journey.
A) Business: Invitation letter of the company or authority to attend a meeting, conference or event, or any other document proving the existence of commercial or work relationships (registration for an exhibition or business), including accommodation during the stay. 
Non Saudi applicants must submit family iqama or iqamas of the dependents.
B) Tourism or private visits: When journeys undertaken for the purposes of tourism, it will be necessary to submit prove of accommodation (hotel booking, rental agreement or justification of property ownership). In the event of private visits, invitation letter issued by the Police in Spain.
Non Saudi applicants must submit a letter explaining the purpose of the visit, the duration of the stay as well as family iqama or iqamas of the dependents.
C) Medical treatment: Document issued by the medical institution confirming that the applicant is coming for medical treatment as well as proof of payment or sufficient economic means to pay the medical treatment as an insurance.
D) Studies/Training up to 90 days: Certificate proving registration.
E) Airport transit visa: Valid visa for next or final destination as well as documents proving the continuation of the journey (tickets or bookings).
9. Iqama/Residence permit (original and copy in A4 size).
10. Re-entry visa covering the whole stay in the Schengen area (original and copy in A4 size).
11. Original letter issued by the Employer/Sponsor in Saudi Arabia and stamped by the Chamber of Commerce stating the employment status, position, contract duration and salary. In the event of being “self-sponsored”, trade license (original document) and translated copy.
12. Copy of Job I.D. or Company I.D. card.
The Embassy may require additional information or personal appearance of the applicant for an interview.


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