On Saturday the 31st of July 2021, the Spanish Government published Order SND/821/2021 on the 30th of July which modifies Order SND/791/2021 of the 23rd of July, on the conditions of quarantine in Spain which apply to persons coming from high risk countries during the health crisis caused by COVID-19. This order will come into effect at 00:00 of the 3rd of August and implies the end of the flight restrictions from South Africa.
Nevertheless, this Order includes South Africa as a high risk country in terms of entry into Spanish territory and therefore, quarantine will apply for persons coming from South Africa to Spain. A quarantine of 10 days from date of arrival shall apply or for the entire stay in Spain should the latter be inferior to the 10 days. Quarantine could be finalized sooner if on the 7th day a negative result on infection diagnostic test can be shown. This does not exclude the obligation of quarantine for Spanish nationals with complete vaccination.
In addition, the referenced Order SND/791/2021 will be complimented with the application of Order SND/821/2021, which signals in article 1 that it can deny access into Spain, for public order or public health reasons, of any national from a third country. The exemptions of this denial of entry for public order and public health reasons as a result of the health crisis caused by COVID-19 for travelers from South Africa are limited to the following categories:

- Residents in Spain or in Andorra
- Spouses of Spanish citizens o partners with whom there has been a recorded union in the public registry or those parents or children who are under their charge, as long as they travel with or to reunite with the Spanish citizen
- Persons included in categories a), b), d), e) e i) of the Order INT/657/2020:
a) Habitual residents in the European Union, States associated with Schengen, Andorra, Monaco, The Vatican (Holy See) or San Marino that are travelling to that country, accrediting this with documentation.
b) Holders of a long stay visa issued by a member State or State associated with Schengen that are travelling to that country (National Visa: study, work...)
d) Transportation personnel, seamen and aeronautical personnel    required to carry out air transportation.
e) Diplomatic, consular or international organization personnel, military, civil protection, members of humanitarian organisations, in exercise of their functions.
i) Persons who can demonstrate, with documentation, reasons of force majeure or a situation of necessity or whose entrance is permitted on humanitarian grounds.

Regarding the previous Legislation, it is important to highlight category f)  Students who undertake their studies in the member states (….) do not find themselves necessarily included within the categories that are exempt as per ORDER INT/657/2020, of the 17th of July, for the individual who travels from countries who are required to quarantine, as per the requirements set out by these countries of which the exceptions are reflected in section b).  Holders of long stay visas issued by a member state associated with Schengen that are travelling to these countries, entry into Spain will be permitted to holder of study visas longer than 3 months(Long-stay Visas).
Further to the above, it should be reminded that nationals of third countries are obliged by visa regulations that to cross borders they need to have the corresponding visa. 

More information:

- Order SND/821/2021, of 30th of July 

- Order SND/791/2021, of 23rd of Julio 

- Order INT/657/2020, of 17th de July (Consolidated texts) 


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